Harman Tackles Internet of Things Security Issues Head On


As the popularity of the internet of things (IoT) grows exponentially, there’s one question on the lips of every cyber enthusiast, expert and security expert out there: how will organisations, individuals and industries keep their networks secure?

This burning question extended to the general public and mainstream media last year, as the DDoS attacks on Dyn leveraged a network of poorly secured smart home devices and briefly wreaked havoc on websites worldwide.

As a recognized authority on IoT solutions and leveraging technology to benefit business, Harman is better placed than most to address and counter the world’s growing security concerns.

This month they teamed up with business partners Entrust Datacard for a webinar to advise companies on how to build enterprise-grade IoT security from scratch — a recording of which is still freely available on IoT World News.

Harman VP Andrew Till and Entrust Datacard director Ranjeet Khanna presented on how companies can protect both budding and well-established IoT infrastructures while they collect and transmit commands and data among devices, applications and people, both in the workplace and from the field.

On the webinar our speakers explain the latest methodologies and best practices enterprises applying IoT should be aware of, and emphasize the importance and benefits of identity issuance and management for network and data security.

Harman spoke from experience in this area, having recently developed their own Secure Over-The-Air (OTA) Technology used to remotely manage and secure IoT networks and devices. Their IoT World News-hosted whitepaper demonstrates how OTA technology is a viable security option for a smart city, smart building, infrastructure, industrial automation, consumer wearable or healthcare settings.

So, if you find that the sheer enormity of the task of securing the IoT is getting you down, or the doom and gloom often spouted in the mainstream media is making you frightened, know that there are companies out there like Harman proactively tackling those threats!

Source: http://www.iotworldnews.com/author.asp?section_id=495&doc_id=731598&

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