Your things are ready to talk. Are you ready to listen? We’re unlocking the promise of the internet of things so that transport operators can improve services and reduce costs

Lots of things, like parking spaces, are hard to find or keep track of. Connecting them will improve city and transport services, reduce costs and protect the environment. These connected applications help transport operators to reduce costs and improve services – for example finding problems with railway points before they cause delays.

Parking, airports and railways are all areas of transport where low-power connected devices can provide financial benefits for organisations and convenience for consumers. Arqiva’s internet of things network makes it easy to connect these devices “out of the box” as soon as they are installed without the need for any local communications equipment. Organisations and individuals can start to realise the benefits quickly and easily. We’re using SIGFOX technology which has low modem costs and longer battery life, reducing the time and money spent maintaining and replacing connected devices once they have been installed.

Smart parking

Finding a parking space in a busy city centre can be time consuming and leads to increased traffic congestion. Installing a sensor that detects if there is a vehicle in each space can be used to provide drivers with a picture of which spaces are available at any one time. Drivers can find somewhere to park more quickly, while local authorities and car park operators gain from increased utilisation, improved enforcement and higher revenues.

Trains and planes

Transport systems including train networks and airports, have complex infrastructures with a large and diverse range of equipment. In many cases a basic level of connectivity could benefit both operators and passengers. For example, train stations and airport terminals use a wide array of digital signage, from information boards to advertising billboards. Connecting these devices to our internet of things network could give a regular update on status helping to detect problems quickly and cutting maintenance costs.


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