Here’s how Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister would booby trap his home in 2017

When Home Alone debuted more than 25 years ago, poor Kevin McCallister, left behind by his family, was forced to use regular household objects like glue, paint cans, wire and blow torches to protect his house (and himself) from would-be robbers. Kevin made do with his supplies, successfully booby trapping the house, but we can’t help thinking his job would have been a lot easier if he had today’s smart home technology on his side.

Here’s how we imagine Kevin would booby trap his house in 2017 with the help of the latest home tech.

Spying with a smart doorbell

Thanks to this next smart home pairing, Kevin can startle the intruders with bright, flashing lights. The Samsung SmartThings Hub, a SmartThings Motion Sensor and smart light bulbs, such as Philips Hue, can create a smart alarm to protect Kevin’s home. When the Motion Sensor detects someone opening the door, it will trigger the lights to start flashing, hopefully scaring the criminals.

A robot vacuum trip line maze

If the light show doesn’t send the crooks running, they’ve got a rude surprise coming when they walk into the next room. See, Kevin definitely would have put his family’s Roomba robot vacuum to work creating a maze of fishing line to trip up his unwanted visitors. After mounting a spool of fishing line on top of the robotic vacuum and anchoring the end of the line, Kevin would let the Roomba do its thing, weaving the wire around all the furniture to create unpredictable trip lines.

Alert the authorities with burnt toast

Should the robbers make it into the kitchen, there will be an unexpected booby trap waiting for them. See, Kevin would have loaded some bread into his June Intelligent Oven, which he can control from his phone. When he cranks up the heat, the toast will start burning, releasing a cloud of smoke that triggers his Nest Protect to call the fire department.

Glue and feathers with a smart fan

Feathering the intruders is a Home Alone classic, but it could use a modern update. We think Kevin would use two high-tech gadgets to pull off this booby trap today: the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner and a Hunter Smart Ceiling Fan.

When the intruders open the door to the next room, they trigger the Shower Cleaner, which then sprays them down with glue. (Admittedly, this will probably ruin the device, so don’t try it at home.) When Kevin hears their indignant screams, he can use his phone to turn on the smart fan, which will spray feathers down on the crooks. Now who’s a chicken?

Call a getaway car with Alexa

Should anything go amiss in Kevin’s plan, he can always call a getaway car to whisk him away to safety. All he has to do is say “Alexa, ask Uber for a ride,” and his Amazon Echo will send the closest driver to the McCallister house. We’d probably recommend he head over to the police station for some backup.

With the help of his family’s smart home technology, Kevin would easily be able to one-up the crooks—we’d definitely watch this remake of Home Alone! However, please don’t try these booby traps at home!


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