Smart parking system for Sturtup capitol

Haphazard and illegal parking, which significantly contributes to congestion, may end if the BBMP launches its plan for a proper parking system. The civic body is ready with a technology-led parking management system, which will cover 87 roads in and around the central business district. ET accessed the draft of the tender document to learn how on-street parking will work:
Where is it Coming Up?
Authorities have divided roads in the central business district into A, B and C zones. Some of the roads identified for the parking system are MG Road, Richmond Road, Residency Road, Commercial Street, Kasturba Road, Queen’s Road, Cubbon Road, Dickenson Road, Raj Bhavan Road, Race Course Road, Kempe Gowda Road, District Office Road, JC Road, NR Road, SJP Road, SP Road, Seshadri Road, Bashyam Road, KH Road and Lalbagh Fort Road.

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