After Smartphones, CES to Focus on IoT Induced Smart Cities in 2018

After championing smartphones, smartwatches and smart appliances, the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) annual flagship show is shifting its attention to how the internet of things will shape the cities we live in.

According to research co-compiled by the CTA and UPS, within the next 10 years, there will be at least 88 smart cities around the world with intelligent electricity grids, connected infrastructure and utilities and integrated public transit networks.

Smart city projects are already underway in a host of locations around the world from the UK and France to Spain, the US, the UAE and China. And as the number of pilot schemes and experiments is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years, now is the time to look at the features, benefits and future innovations and advantages this emerging trend will bring.

  “We are thrilled to announce our new Smart Cities Marketplace and conference at CES 2018. Connected and smart technologies are making our cities more efficient, sustainable and responsive through the use of data to enable better processes and decision making,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “As the launch pad for innovation that changes the world, CES presents a perfect stage for city planners and decision makers to explore these world-changing technologies because of the diversity of technologies and industries in attendance, including mobile, transportation, data and sensors, digital health and more.”

As well as offering what is essentially a shop window for companies that provide sensors, connectivity and integration features for use in infrastructure projects, the dedicated exhibition will also feature a roster of keynote speakers and conferences.

CES 2018 will officially open its doors on January 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada, but before then, the CTA has announced that for the first time ever it is also bringing its CES Unveiled showcase to the Netherlands — in itself a rather fitting choice considering the country’s leadership in smart city technologies and applications. Scheduled for October 26 in Amsterdam, the event will offer a glimpse of what to expect at CES 2018 while also highlighting the technology capabilities in the Netherlands itself.

“From its smart city efforts to its economic policies, The Netherlands has created an environment that allows technology and innovation to thrive,” said Shapiro. “When hosting our CES Unveiled events abroad, we look for cities with the promise of innovation and Amsterdam this year is the ideal location to provide a sneak peek into the cutting-edge and disruptive technologies that startups bring to the industry.”


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