SURE Universal predicts telcos will take over IoT


As the IoT continues its explosive global growth, “smart” hardware devices have been taking up all the media headlines. However, smart devices are only as valuable as the software that runs them. The smart money is migrating to software, recognizing the benefits and services software brings to consumers, and the business opportunities it creates for vendors.

“The IoT can’t reach its potential without a standard-based solution and a sustainable economic model,” says Viktor Ariel, PhD, Founder and CEO of SURE Universal, makers of the first universal software platform for IoT devices that’s compliant with the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) standard for interoperability and security. “Hardware is ultimately a commodity business, and devices only offer value through software. “Through its ability to control the complete ecosystem of connected devices, our software brings IoT hardware to life. Connected devices are the ‘things’, while SURE software platform is the soul of the IoT.”

Telcos in particular are well-positioned to dominate the smart home/IoT space says Ariel, because they hold an insurmountable lead on hardware and services penetration of households. “Products like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Voice may get all the headlines, but both of them are dwarfed by the number of mobile phones, internet routers, and set top boxes out there,” says Ariel. “The Telcos are already in your handset, already in your living room; they rule the hardware world, and already handle service, support and data easily.

For Telcos and other service providers, the missing pieces aren’t new gadgets, but interoperability, security, and most importantly, a business model that can work alongside their existing models. SURE Universal’s OCF-compliant software offers all of these benefits; we make new IoT and smart home deployments easy, fast, safe, and profitable.”

Using SURE Universal Platform, the operators can choose their own IoT hardware based on any existing radio protocol, such as, Wi-Fi, BLE, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Lora, NB-IoT while SURE is providing the API for connection between the OCF application layer and the smart device radio protocol. This way the operators avoid the hardware supplier lock while enjoying the interoperability and security of the OCF standard.

SURE Universal is employing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) business model because it is completely aligned with the most prevalent Telco revenue model. For Telcos and other providers, SURE Universal’s revenue model is a low-overhead business extension that also provides an interoperable, secure, accessible, and cost effective solution for the many devices used in today’s smart home and IoT.


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