Acuity Brands released integrated development environment for IoT


Acuity Brands, Inc. has released Atrius Solution Builder, an HTML5, browser-based Integrated Development Environment to help rapidly build visually-rich, interactive web-based graphical user interfaces, applications and dashboards. These user interfaces can be built for range of digital devices such as computers, mobile devices, tablets, touch screen displays, educational kiosks and digital signage.

Atrius Solution Builder can derive information from multiple sources, including Atrius Platform Services, web services APIs, Niagara Framework (Niagara 4 and Niagara AX), and additional databases, devices and protocols via open source Distributed Services Architecture (DSA). This capability allows users to to analyze, monitor and control data and analytics in real-time and within a single visualization environment.

Atrius Solution Builder helps reduce time and costs in project design, creation and development, with a “drag and drop” user experience that employs WYSIWYG tools and visual bloc programming. An HTML5 environment with built-in support for responsive layouts, enables users to develop applications and dashboards that can be seamlessly deployed for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

“Atrius Solution Builder delivers flexible and scalable solutions addressing application and visualization requirements of a variety of users, ranging from IoT application developers to facility managers and equipment manufacturers,” said Acuity Technology Group Senior Vice President – Software Products, Greg Carter. “This development environment allows for a flexible deployment architecture, enabling hosting of the developed applications on cloud, fog or edge devices. The resulting solutions can be custom-branded and deployed to a single site or across enterprises, or as value-added user interfaces for connected devices.”


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