SWIM launches IoT smart city, energy AI edge solutions


Edge intelligence startup SWIM.AI has announced new smart city and Internet of Things (IoT) offerings, powered by its EDX AI software.

Earlier this year, the 2015-founded company came out of stealth mode to launch its EDX platform. The product is designed to supply business insights in real time from IoT devices, by autonomously building digital twins from streaming data in the edge environment, via real-time analytics and predictive machine learning.

SWIM EDX runs on existing edge devices, forming a computing mesh for edge processing. In this way, companies can – implicitly – swim in the data lake created by 20 billion connected devices, rather than drown in reams of redundant data.

Smart cities and energy
SWIM has now added dedicated EDX products for smart cities and the IoT, and for smart grids in the utilities, oil and gas sectors.

The company claims that SWIM EDX for Smart Cities integrates with existing urban infrastructures to gather and interpret local data. The product can combine city, traffic, vehicle, pedestrian, parking, and sensor data to power real-time smart city applications.

SWIM also allows cities to offer open data APIs to third parties, simplifying the process of creating new applications.

Meanwhile in the energy sector, SWIM EDX can now help to optimise large-scale utilities, and urban/commercial energy, oil, and gas operations, through smarter edge data, operations, grids, and consumption, according to an announcement from the company.

As before, the software runs locally, analysing data from sensors, meters, energy distribution, upstream/downstream equipment, and utility assets, while again simplifying operations, services, and app development.

SWIM’s EDX platform is now ready for third-party development on the Itron IoT Edge Router, added the company.

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