Soracom simplifies secure provisioning of IoT devices in field

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SIM Authentication Eliminates Need to Load Device Keys and Tokens at Manufacturing.

Soracom, Inc., provider of the leading cloud-native connectivity-as-a-service platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced released of its Krypton service, which simplifies and lowers the cost to securely provision connected devices in the field.
Krypton uses SIM authentication to identify each unique device the first time it is connected to a cloud service. This allows shipment of devices with a common firmware image to end customers, who can then add unique device information and keys at deployment using the Soracom web console or API.

While the Krypton service utilizes SIM authentication, it is effective when the device is connected via cellular, WiFi, Ethernet or low-power radio network links. This gives developers and user organizations flexibility for both secure deployment and in-field updates to devices.

“Secure embedding of unique authentication information for connected edge devices is critical to IoT security,” said Kenta Yasukawa, Soracom CTO and Co-Founder.

“Using the Soracom Global Air SIM as the basis for authentication is a straightforward, cost-effective way to manage production and management of devices for IoT deployments at any scale, from prototype to multinational roll-out.”

Typically, management of individual device authentication and security key provisioning at the time of manufacture and delivery can add significant complexity and cost to production supply chains. With Soracom Krypton, authentication becomes a simple step in connecting the device in the field and provisioning cloud and network services. The process corresponds to issuing appropriate certificate credentials for cloud services. The service also can be used to share keys between customer IoT devices and third-party authentication systems.


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