Volkswagen will build its connected car tech on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform

Volkswagen Automotive Cloud

Volkswagen has enlisted the help of Microsoft to allow its customers to utilise digital services in its connected cars. The joint solution – called the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud – operates on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, allowing customers to access key services and seamlessly switch between in-car and home services.

The German car manufacturer enlisted the help of Microsoft’s Azure platform to offer extra-value services, such as the ability to continue streaming music from their home when getting into their car, or accessing a conference call while on their way to work.

“Simply building great cars will not be enough, and that’s why the Volkswagen Group — and especially its core brand of Volkswagen passenger cars — is investing heavily in electric and autonomous technology,” Heiko Huettel, head of connected car for the Volkswagen Group said.

“But even more, Volkswagen is also speeding up the development of its ecosystem with its own software know-how and the strength of external partners. We envision the automobile evolving into a central hub in the Internet of Things, enabling customers to take their world into their vehicles.”

The Volkswagen Automotive Cloud will be built on top of Azure alongside its IoT Edge platform, integrating an impressive suite of Microsoft services such as Azure IoT, PowerBI and Skype to keep consumers connected, wherever they are.

Microsoft will provide more than just the technology and services for Volkswagen’s cloud service. Its engineers will also be on-hand to provide advice and technical leadership to Volkswagen.

“I think this is an industry benchmark in terms of joining forces and putting the best of each company at the table and building the business together,” Huettel said.


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