Device Authority launches security suite for PTC ThingWorx IoT platform

IoT security platform

Device Authority, a global provider of Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT), has launched a Security Suite for PTC ThingWorx IoT platform.

It combines four security extensions into one bundle for ThingWorx customers and partners. This solves customer demand for enhanced security, meeting compliance and business needs, and ensuring an end-to-end security solution is robust.

ThingWorx delivers purpose-built industrial IoT applications and the market-leading technology platform, so customers can rapidly deliver solutions that solve critical challenges all designed to accelerate digital transformation. When connecting applications and devices to the internet the most significant challenge for organisations today is security.

IoT devices produce sensitive data which needs to be protected. The data is transported from the devices to the ThingWorx platform, where it will be processed, monitored, and analysed to enable operational efficiency. Protecting the data at rest, in motion, and in use is a huge challenge. In addition, IoT devices connecting into ThingWorx applications require validation, to ensure unauthorised devices aren’t providing invalid data.

“The IoT has numerous use cases and each have their own security and safety requirements. Our strategic partner Device Authority has developed a security suite for ThingWorx customers, with simple and easy integration to deliver trust for IoT devices and data,” said Chirag Mehta, director, IoT Strategic Alliances, PTC.

Device Authority has developed security extensions for PTC’s ThingWorx platform over the last three years. Most recently, the fourth extension provides a flexible integration between KeyScaler and ThingWorx for real time device authorisation status updates, and creates, manages and synchronises device identities.

The Security Suite includes:

  • Data Security (Crypto) Extension
  • Device Authentication Extension
  • Management Interface Extension
  • Device Authorisation Extension

“The plug and play nature of our Security Suite enables new and existing ThingWorx customers to quickly add strong security directly into their IoT applications and devices without specialist security knowledge or costly processes. The Security Suite is being used by medical device and smart connected product manufacturers today, who understand the importance of security for IoT and require our technology for HIPAA and GDPR compliance,” said Darron Antill, CEO of Device Authority.


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