C-V2X testing ecosystem established in Metro Atlanta

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Testing will take place across a 78.5-square-mile area anchored by the Infrastructure Automotive Technology Laboratory in Alpharetta, north of Atlanta.

Intelligent transportation infrastructure solutions provider Applied Information has begun deployment and testing of cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) connected vehicle technology in Metro Atlanta.

The C-V2X testing ‘ecosystem’ will be established throughout an approximately 78.5-square-mile area anchored by the Infrastructure Automotive Technology Laboratory (iATL) in Alpharetta, Georgia, north of Atlanta.

Experimental licence

The deployment and testing began after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an experimental licence for infrastructure and mobile C-V2X deployments within a five-mile radius of the iATL.

This “will allow testing of V2I applications for potential benefits and systematic improvements of the technology”.

“The grant by the FCC enables, for the first time, automakers, technology companies and roadway operators to collaborate and to test a wide range of safety applications provided by C-V2X on public roads and in real traffic,” said Bryan Mulligan, president, Applied Information.

“With the opportunity to connect to well over 150 traffic control devices, this is a unique opportunity to make real improvements in safety and mobility on our streets and highways.”

Within the area covered by the licence, there are approximately 130 traffic signals and 11 school zones, all of which can provide safety messages to connected and autonomous vehicles through C-V2X.

Additional use cases include developing and testing safety applications involving vulnerable road users, temporary work zones, school and transit bus stop safety and proximity alerts to emergency vehicles on a call.

The iATL is said to be the world’s first private-sector facility for developing connected vehicle applications for both vehicles and traffic control devices, such as traffic signals.

The primary function of the iATL is to serve as an engineering technical facility for testing connected vehicle application functionality and performance between the transportation infrastructure and motor vehicles, the infrastructure and vulnerable road users, motor vehicles and vulnerable road users and other configurations.

The iATL also serves as a training centre for transportation professionals and first responders using connected vehicle technology. The iATL is sponsored by Applied Information

Applied Information is a developer of smart cities and connected and intelligent transportation system (ITS) solutions designed to help save lives, improve traffic, and drive commerce and the environment.

Applied Information’s Glance smart city supervisory platform enables cities to manage all their traffic and ITS assets on one web-based application. Key product areas are smart traffic signals, school zone flashing beacons, emergency vehicle pre-emption, transit, and freight priority and ITS systems.

Source: smartcitiesworld.net

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