Puerto Rico deploys secure IoT network to digitalise critical infrastructure

San Juan

Puerto Rico has completed the roll-out of a new secure data network designed to underpin the commonwealth island’s infrastructure modernisation initiatives.

Low power wide area (LPWA) specialist, Everynet, launched the secure IoT network to digitalise Puerto Rico’s critical infrastructure, targeting smart cities, water, energy, communications and healthcare initiatives.

National networks

“There is a great opportunity to enable efficiencies with the Internet of Things (IoT) in Puerto Rico,” said Tom Nelson, chief commercial officer, Everynet. “Everynet brings this experience from its successful implementation of national networks and leading ecosystem of solutions from around the globe.”

Everynet’s business model makes the neutral-host network infrastructure available to all local service providers enabling them to build low-power IoT connectivity into their product and service offerings.

According to the network operator, delivering small packets of data in real time can create huge value when fed into big data pools and processed through artificial intelligence on the cloud. The insight this information provides enables businesses to make data-led decisions and optimise their processes for efficiency and compliance.

Target applications include:

  • smart city management, such as street lighting, traffic flow and waste management
  • water, gas and electricity metering, and smart grid monitoring including renewable energy
  • remote infrastructure monitoring, such as cellular towers and transport systems
  • low-cost tracking of moving assets of all types
  • cold-chain logistics monitoring for pharmaceuticals, vaccines and virus tests.

The first local service provider to embrace this is AeroNet, a Puerto Rico-based business internet service provider (ISP), which specialises in advanced commercial-grade telecom solutions.

“The immediate availability of this carrier grade IoT network is going to be transformative to our clients and their business processes,” added Gino Villarini, founder and president of Aeronet.

“The investment Everynet has made towards Puerto Rico puts us in a prime position to update and modernise our local economy and make a tangible improvement to the quality of life on the island.”

Everynet’s IoT data network uses low-power wide-area technology and is ideal for connecting simple, low-cost devices to the internet with multi-year battery life. Everynet claims the network solution is designed to provide lowest cost of ownership: low device cost; quick and easy commissioning; zero-maintenance; and simple billing.

Source: smartcitiesworld.net

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