Smart Dublin chooses IoT solution to curb ring buoy theft

ring buoy

Dublin-based proptech company ZiggyTec has been chosen as one of four bidders to complete the first phase of Smart Dublin’s ring buoy monitoring project.

The initiative, run in conjunction with Dublin City Council, aims to help curb ring buoy theft across the capital, helping to save lives.

ZiggyTech is an IoT solution that provides real-time data on health and safety equipment, utilities, and air quality.

Inland water safety

According, approximately 15 ring buoys are stolen in Dublin each week, with 600 needing to be replaced each year. The group also reports ring buoy theft exists across all 31 local authorities in Ireland, 18 of which manage coastline and inland water safety.

With lockdown seeing an increase in the numbers of people engaging in sunset and early morning swimming sessions, ZiggyTec hopes its solution, which identifies when a ring buoy is removed from its station, will help save hundreds of lives.

ZiggyTec’s technology means that when a ring buoy is removed from its housing, a security connector will detach from the Smart Buoy IoT device and automatically send an alert to local first responders so they can dispatch a unit to the vicinity immediately.

Water Safety Ireland is responsible for monitoring and maintaining ring buoys across the country, with inspectors assessing units on a regular basis. This process, which can be time-intensive, often delays the ring buoy replacement time and potentially endangers lives.

“We are delighted to be chosen to pilot our ring buoy monitoring project across Dublin in a bid to bring a halt to the theft of much needed life-saving devices. The availability of smart buoys across the country is something we remain passionate about,” said Kieran Murphy, co-founder of ZiggyTec.

“I believe we need a more efficient means of monitoring our life buoys to ensure we are maximising the speed of assistance. We also believe that, apart from the immediate benefit of being alerted when the ring buoy is removed, a smarter inspection schedule can be deployed. This will reduce inspection costs dramatically and more importantly utilise technology in a smart way to help save lives.”

Previously, ZiggyTec’s sensor system was implemented in a project for Fingal County Council to monitor several ring buoy locations in North County Dublin. It is also carrying out two UK trials with Manchester and Birmingham local authorities.

In addition, ZiggyTec said it is carrying out various trials in the UK and has confirmed a partnership with the Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).


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