Five-minute charge electric car batteries developed

StoreDot battery

Israeli company StoreDot claims to have developed a five-minute charge lithium-ion battery which could eliminate range and charging anxiety for electric vehicle (EV) users and accelerate adoption.

The company, a specialist in extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology, is releasing the first production batch of sample cells, which can offer ultra-fast charging to a number of other industries, such as commercial drones and consumer electronics.

Overcoming major issues

The first-generation engineering samples demonstrate to EV OEMs and battery manufacturers the successful replacement of graphite in the cell’s anode using metalloid nano-particles, a breakthrough in overcoming major issues in safety, battery cycle life and swelling.

The sample cells were produced by StoreDot’s strategic partner in China Eve Energy. In a statement, StoreDot said unlike competing technologies which require significant capital expenditure in bespoke manufacturing equipment, StoreDot XFC batteries are designed to be produced on existing Li-ion production lines at Eve Energy.

The samples are compliant with UN 38.3, which ensures the safety of Li-ion batteries during shipping.

“Our team of top scientists has overcome inherent challenges of XFC such as safety, cycle life and swelling by harnessing innovative materials and cell design,” said Dr Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot.

He added: “The announcement marks an important milestone, moving XFC for the first time beyond innovation in the lab to a commercially-viable product that is scalable for mass production. This paves the way for the launch of our second-generation, silicon-dominant anode prototype battery for electric vehicles later this year.”

Last year, StoreDot launched its ultra-fast charging technology to the drone industry, after achieving its aim of fully-charging a commercial drone in five minutes. It claimed the milestone overcomes two major barriers associated with slow charging times that has prevented the drone industry from realising its full potential and makes continuous, fully autonomous drone operation a reality.

In 2019, it demonstrated the live full charge of a two-wheeled EV in just five minutes.

The company’s strategic investors include BP, Daimler, Samsung Ventures and TDK.


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