1NCE expands NB-IoT coverage in Europe


1NCE, the fully-fledged operator of IoT network services worldwide, is expanding its Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) offering in Europe. In addition to Germany and Austria, 1NCE’s IoT Flat Rate now covers the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Italy, and the UK with access to NB-IoT networks. With the additional NB-IoT network coverage in Mainland China, 1NCE now supports the most relevant IoT core markets in Europe and Asia.

Deployment of narrowband IoT solutions now easier and more economical across countries
Thanks to the extended NB-IoT coverage, cross-border deployment of IoT solutions with 1NCE is now even easier and more economical. Be it for metering applications, such as in gas, water or electricity supply, asset tracking in logistics or sensors in waste management, smart farming or building automation: wherever devices need to transmit data independently and regularly without an external power-source on consumption, position, movement, fill level or temperature, NB-IoT is the perfect choice thanks to its energy efficiency and optimised range and penetration.

“NB-IoT is a core technology for the Internet of Things,” says Alexander P. Sator, CEO of 1NCE GmbH. “The fact that we now also support NB-IoT across countries allows our customers to take full advantage of the benefits of NB-IoT technology combined with the simplicity of our offering.”

Markus Bullinger, business development manager at Arrow Electronics, a provider of products, services and solutions for commercial users of electronic components, confirms, ” We see a strongly growing demand for European-wide IoT solutions in logistics projects with our integration partners in the field of Operational Technologies. We can address this now perfectly with 1NCE and solutions from our partners such as BOX ID.”

“For us, this expansion comes just at the right time,” adds Wolfgang Vogl, managing director of BOX ID Systems GmbH, a German based provider of tracking solutions for monitoring industrial supply chains. “We hardly have a use case that only takes place within national borders. With the new cross-country offer, we can now connect our solution very easily with 1NCE via NB-IoT or LTE-M and reach the most important markets in Europe.”


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