Smart waste monitoring solution supports pay-as-you-throw models

Sensoneo Route Planning solution

Sensoneo’s WatchDog enables haulers to automatically track and record all actions made during the waste collection process and supports programmes to incentivise waste reduction.

Provider of smart waste management solutions, Sensoneo, has introduced a digital service monitoring device combining fleet, management, truck tracking and service verification for waste collection vehicles.

The WatchDog solution enables haulers to automatically track and record all actions made during the waste collection process without the need for any manual handling, according to Sensoneo.

Increasing waste

The increasing volumes of waste, growing urbanism, and concern over climate change is driving cities to deploy new innovative ways to manage this service. The lack of efficiency and accurate data are the most common challenges, and the deployment of pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) models seems to be one of the most promising solutions, the company reports. It introduces the principle of justice and incentivises citizens to reduce waste by being charged based on how much waste they generate.

Common obstacles of the incentive programmes are operational complexity, high related costs, and the accuracy of data. The current available tools typically combine different types of handheld readers and manual recording which negatively affect the duration and logistics of the waste collection process. In addition, the data gathered is also subject to human error.

“Our goal was to develop a tool that removes these obstacles and, at the same time, combine several modules into one – fleet management, vehicle tracking, and automatic service verification,” said Martin Basila, CEO of Sensoneo.

“In principle, we wanted to enable customers to automatically obtain accurate and reliable data on all activities during waste collection, regardless of whether they collect bags or dump containers or what kind of vehicle they use.”

Using WatchDog, customers can identify bins and bags authorised for waste collection, verify pick-up, update bin inventory, identify fraud, and accurately record all the routes made, and have it all done automatically.

The solution consists of a main unit, mounted on top of the vehicle, four adjustable ultra-high frequency short-and-long-range RFID antennas, and RFID tags or stickers that are placed on waste bins or bags. WatchDog offers a wide range of communication interfaces that provide unlimited scalability and the ability to easily connect multiple devices, Sensoneo claims.

According to the company, cities and municipalities can benefit from easy to run PAYT models, powered by the automatic service verification. PAYT models are available for kerbside collection of both bins and bags.

Haulers have an opportunity to digitalise the waste collection process and to make their operations more transparent and efficient. The easy identification of unauthorised bins and automatic inventory updates allow them to stop collecting unpaid trash and prevent fraud.

“We believe that the possibility to use a single device to manage the fleet, track the trucks, and verify the service, is a great advantage for haulers,” added Basila.

“We paid great attention to the choice of technologies to ensure maximum data accuracy and provide an enterprise-grade solution that is easy to deploy, flexible, and offers easy scalability.”


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