Moscow releases catalogue of smart city projects

smart city Moscow

Moscow has launched an English-language catalogue of its smart city solutions. It follows the launch of the English-language version of its blockchain knowledge base earlier this month.

Smart city projects

A joint project by ICT.Moscow and Moscow’s government, the catalogue features up-to-date information on 68 smart city projects, including datasets and analytics. In addition to the description and key results, the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are also indicated in each project card.

“The new catalogue allows the city to share its experience and innovative practices with international partners and analysts in a convenient format,” said Eduard Lysenko, minister of the Moscow Government and head of the government’s IT department.

“The Russian capital systematically introduces various IT solutions into the everyday life of Muscovites and the work of city services. At the same time, the key goal of innovation is to improve the safety and quality of life of citizens. That is why relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are aimed at improving human wellbeing and protecting the environment, are indicated for all projects presented in the catalogue.”

Projects include the Uniform Medical Information and Analytical System (UMIAS), Moscow Electronic School, the official website of the Mayor of Moscow (, The Moscow Innovation Cluster (, the 5G demo centre, and Moscow’s experimental legal regime in the field of AI.

All projects are classified across a number of areas, including human and social capital, urban environment, digital government, urban economy, end-to-end technologies, digital technologies and communications.

In addition to innovative practices, the project contains a selection of more than 600 public data sets on Moscow city infrastructure facilities and more than 30 data sets collected by the Department of Prospective Projects of the IT Department of Moscow Government according to ISO37120 and U4SSC international standards. It also includes news, various research reports and other smart city analytics.

Specialists from IT Department of Moscow Government have reportedly verified all the information provided.

The catalogue will be regularly updated and can be accessed at


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