Soofa enhances hyperlocal content with Facebook widget

Soofa Brings Facebook to the Sidewalk

Soofa, a provider of solar-powered street-level furniture used for outdoor advertising and smart city communication, has introduced a feature allowing city landowners to display Facebook updates to passersby.

According to Soofa, as many cities and municipalities use Facebook to communicate with constituents in their community, the ability to share current Facebook updates at eye-level to passersby in the right-of-way adds another level of connectivity with community members.

Hyperlocal content

It also reinforces the power of hyperlocal content that attracts people to the signs’ 42-inch electronic ink displays, Soofa claims, making street level furniture an attractive opportunity for advertisers, as well.

“The addition of Facebook adds to the list of features available on Soofa Signs that no other OOH [out of home advertising] platform can offer,” said Jacques de Kock, director of engineering at Soofa.

“We’re especially excited because this added widget will be easy for landowners to use to communicate hyperlocal content and control all of their posts in one place.”

“The start of 2023 is bringing about a change in the information that we share across our social media platforms, and we are working hard to produce relevant and informative content that is fun, whimsical, and engaging,” said Christophe St Luce, assistant city administrator in the city of Bradenton, Florida.

“We are eager to have as many pedestrian interactions with our Soofa Signs as possible and believe that the Facebook integration will be key to accomplishing that.”

The new feature joins a collection of other widgets on the Soofa Sign platform that allow communication of vital community information, such as transit updates, weather forecasts, upcoming local events, Twitter feeds, and more.

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