AI traffic counter enables citizen science data projects

Telraam S2 multimodal traffic counting device

Telraam has released its upgraded S2 multimodal traffic counting device, which can be used in citizen science data projects to improve urban mobility and planning.

The latest iteration is easier to install and uses artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) technology to count cars, vans, bikes, pedestrians and more.

Monitor street mobility

The Telraam S2 camera device was designed in Belgium and built in the EU to help address the need for affordable devices that monitor street mobility in more locations than would be possible with traditional counting methods. It uses an IoT connection to relay the data to its servers, which is then made available as open data.

“Telraam is extremely excited about the potential of the new S2 devices to support transport and mobility professionals, as well as citizen campaigners all over the world,” said Kris Vanherle, co-founder and CEO of Telraam.

“We have been working on this upgrade to our original device for several years. Our goal was to make a device that was attractive and useful but was also easy to install and run, all while delivering reliable data.”

Telraam claims it has some 2,000 of the original version one devices built upon Raspberry Pi technology, active in 19 countries. To date, these devices have provided more than 26 million hours of traffic counts. New network deployments will use the S2 to benefit from the wider range of objects recognised, as well as the built-in LTE-M connection.

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