Santiago uses AI to transform public transport network

Santiago Chile

Santiago is introducing new artificial intelligence software to manage a citywide public transportation system.

Sonda, a contractor of the Directorio de Transporte Público Metropolitano (DTPM), has selected Optibus, as the planning, scheduling, and EV management software for all buses across the city. The goal is to enhance and optimise public transportation for the seven million residents in the Chilean capital.

Advanced bus fleet

Established in 2013, the DTPM oversees the city’s bus network, which consists of nearly 7,000 buses, including more than 2,000 electric buses, operated through 11 concession contracts. With 950 million annual passengers, this expansive bus network stretches across the 34 municipalities of Santiago Province and the communes of Puente Alto and San Bernardo, home to 40 per cent of Chile’s total population.

According to DTPM, the bus fleet is regarded as one of the most advanced fleets in Latin America. It was the first in the region to have a single integrated ticketing and fleet management system and claims it is one of the largest electric bus fleets in the world outside of China, making Santiago an international pioneer in the decarbonisation of public transportation.

Using Optibus’ planning, scheduling, and EV management products will help elevate Santiago’s public transportation system to new levels of sustainability, efficiency, and convenience. Leveraging optimisation algorithms, cloud computing, and advanced data analytics, Santiago’s bus operators the Optibus platform will enable more effective, faster bus scheduling and management across the city’s public transportation operators.

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