LG CNS announces CityHub platform for smart city management

internet of things

LG subsidiary CNS has announced its CityHub platform designed to provide centralised management and data analysis of citywide IoT devices. CityHub, the platform’s tentative name, is able to collect data from IoT sensors across the deployed smart city. This could be sensors installed on things such as vehicles and buildings, or infrastructure like street lights and traffic cameras. The platform supports the international oneM2M standard in addition to 98 other IoT standards used by specific industries like manufacturing and logistics. “With widespread connectivity, Cityhub can single-handedly collect and manage IoT-based…

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Industrial IoT is where the action is – but success will need leadership

Industrial IoT

The consumer applications of Internet of Things (IoT) technology drives many peoples understanding. People equate IoT to the fridge that updates an online shopping list or the smart energy meter that shows electricity usage. These are useful ideas and might save a household some time and money. However, the real power of IoT is in the applications that solve real-world problems and can transform the business models of whole industries or the way that governments deliver public services. The real action is in B2B uses or Industrial IoT, sometimes referred…

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Liege gets smart parking through NB-IoT technology – and a new partnership


Belgium-based CommuniThings has partnered with Orange to launch the first smart-parking solution over NB-IoT technology for commercial use. Dubbed as “Shop & Drive”, the solution assists commuters to find available parking space via a mobile application at the same time as stimulating shopping activities through increased vehicle rotations at each spot. This Shop & Drive smart parking solution running on Orange Belgium’s Mobile IoT network introduces low-power wireless sensors and open-data applications serving residents, retailers and municipalities. CommuniThings has been selected by Orange Fab BeLux – an accelerator programme for…

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Ericsson and China Mobile continue IoT collaboration with recent updates

Ericsson and China Mobile

Ericsson and China Mobile have signed a cooperation agreement around the Swedish operator’s Device Connection Platform in order to strengthen the latter’s IoT goals. The agreement, signed at Mobile World Congress Shanghai last week, is based on the strategic cooperation framework agreements which the two firms signed at MWC in Barcelona this year for the expansion of IoT opportunities in industry and enterprises. Qiao Hui, general manager of China Mobile IoT, said: “By launching DCP, we will be able to solve unified connection management and roaming across borders for our…

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Bluetooth Mesh is a wise choice for smart buildings

bluetooth iot

IoT Tech Expo in Amsterdam is just kicking off and there’s already fighting words from low-power networks on why their technology is the best. In a keynote titled ‘Putting the Smart in Smart Buildings with Bluetooth Mesh’, we heard from Bluetooth SIG Technical Program Manager Martin Woolley on what makes the technology a wise choice for smart building deployments. “Last year, we introduced something called Bluetooth Mesh,” says Woolley. “That gave us the ability to have many-to-many communication paths between devices.” “Many thousands of devices can form a network ……

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Volkswagen, NVIDIA, Bosch launch Networking for Autonomous Vehicles (NAV) Alliance

NAV Alliance

Leading automotive manufacturers and technology providers have joined forces to create the Networking for Autonomous Vehicle (NAV) Alliance. Aquantia, Bosch, Continental, NVIDIA, and the Volkswagen Group of America have formed a partnership that will draw on their expertise in the car manufacturing, networking, and AI spaces, to help develop new autonomous and connected vehicle technologies. The NAV Alliance will offer a framework for collaboration around technology, specifications, interoperability, testing, and product development, with a focus on multi-gigabit in-vehicle networking. It is hoped the initiative will help solve real-world challenges in…

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Microsoft announces global rollout of Azure IoT Edge system

Azure IoT Edge

Microsoft has announced the global enterprise availability of its Azure IoT Edge technology. Launched a year ago, the system is designed to allow edge devices to act immediately on real-time data. For the global rollout, Microsoft has announced that IoT Edge is open sourced and available on developer community, GitHub, which Microsoft announced it was acquired at the beginning of last month. Support is also available for the Moby container management system, the open-source platform on which Docker is built, allowing Microsoft to extend containerisation and management capabilities from the…

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Hackers could use Web-based attacks to take over IoT devices

IoT security

Security researchers have warned that hackers could create webpages that rapidly scan for home IoT devices and then take control of them. According to a paper to be presented at the ACM SIGCOMM 2018 Workshop on IoT Security and Privacy in August, security researchers Frank Li of UC Berkeley, and Gunes Acar, Danny Yuxing Huang, Arvind Narayanan, and Nick Feamster of Princeton University, have discovered a faster way of mounting an old attack method, known as DNS rebinding. A DNS rebinding attack happens when a user visits a webpage that…

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AT&T to launch NB-IoT network next year


AT&T will launch an NB-IoT network in the United States early next year to support IoT connections, according to a press release. “We’ve seen global momentum for LPWA since launching our North American LTE-M network last year,” Chris Penrose, president of IoT Solutions, AT&T, said in a press release. “Adding NB-IoT to our portfolio will expand our LPWA capabilities, help drive investment in our evolution to 5G and support our customers as they deploy IoT solutions across the U.S. and Mexico.” NB-IoT and LTE-M offer longer battery life, coverage extension…

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How IoT changes the enterprise mobile landscape

IoT bluetooth

IoT in the enterprise is revolutionizing many important functions–from security; to energy management; to specialized elements of manufacturing, distribution, automation, monitoring, process control and many other things. But the internet of things itself isn’t really all that new; it’s essentially a catch-all term for the machine-to-machine (M2M), sensor, telemetry and related computing and communications functions that have been hard at work in organizations and beyond for decades. What is new is that IoT unifies all of these capabilities under the IP-protocol umbrella, thus easing application specification, design, implementation, deployment, scaling,…

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U.S. Cities plan to fund smart city initiatives

Las Vegas IoT

To succeed, smart city initiatives need adequate financial support. Here is how two cities in Nevada, one in Oregon and another in Missouri are approaching smart city deployment and funding. The smart cities sector is a prominent poster child for IoT. But there are arguably few truly smart cities. A recent McKinsey report notes even the most “cutting-edge and ambitious smart cities on the planet still have a long way to go.” The management consulting firm also notes the most advanced smart city projects tend to be in cities with…

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Ericsson doubles cellular IoT deployment forecast

people IoT

With 5G connectivity inbound and large-scale IoT deployments underway in Asia, telecoms provider Ericsson has made some bold predictions about the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) in its latest Mobility Report. Last November, Ericsson forecast that there would be 1.8 billion cellular connected devices worldwide by 2023. This week, it has almost doubled that estimate to 3.5 billion. The new report cites recent large-scale IoT deployments in China and the forthcoming rollout of commercial 5G networks as justification for its revised outlook. Cellular IoT finding its feet For…

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IoT futures: MIT develops RFID sensors, 3D-printed shape-shifters

RFID sensors

New research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) should remind us of the power of low-cost, elegant simplicity in deploying the Internet of Things (IoT) at scale. As impressive as technologies such as robotics and AI may be, such innovations are often reserved for those companies with equally impressive budgets. When we think of the Internet of Things, however, most people picture a world where even commonplace items are connected. Yet if we are to see the IoT working at scale – connected cities filled with smart street lighting,…

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Juniper Networks launches routing platform for 5G and IoT

5G IoT

Juniper Networks, the US networking company, is to launch a new 5G- and IoT-ready routing platform, which it claims will help operators, cloud providers, and enterprise customers to manage growing network complexity. The Sunnyvale, California-based company believes that the new product, called the MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platform, will provide the programmability, performance and flexibility needed to provide connected cloud services. Resource-intensive applications such as 5G and SD-WAN-based managed services are growing, and Juniper Networks believes that companies are struggling to monetise them. It said that the increasing amount…

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Internet of Parcels: Unpacking the potential of smart packaging

logistics IoT

The promise of Internet of Things (IoT) technology lies in the details. Anything can be given a digital identity and connected to anything else. However, finding applications that truly add value is another matter entirely. In retail and logistics, however, a coherent methodology is emerging around the concept of smart packages. Everyday packaging is becoming smarter with the help of technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), QR codes, Near Field Communication (NFC), and cloud services, in a variety of different combinations. The result is that connected boxes, pallets, and…

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