Smartrac showcases IIoT solutions


At RFID Journal Live! 2018 in Orlando, Smartrac is showcasing innovative products and solutions alongside its customers and market partners. At the world’s largest RFID industry event, the RFID and IoT pacesetter’s focus is on applications for the Industrial Internet of Things and enhanced consumer experience. At booth #907, Smartrac is presenting a mix of RAIN RFID and NFC innovations designed for full supply-chain visibility in order to increase efficiency and safety in industry and logistics. Complementing Smartrac’s portfolio of RFID inlays and tags, the company’s IoT solutions suite Smart…

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Identiv offers intelligent transponder solutions for IoT


Identiv, Inc. (NASDAQ:INVE) announced that it will present the Company’s portfolio of radio frequency identification (RFID), near field communication (NFC), and inlay solutions during RFID Journal LIVE! 2018 in Orlando, FL. RFID Journal LIVE! is the world’s largest event focused on RFID and related technologies. Identiv’s team of experts focus on the design and manufacture of embedded high-frequency (HF) and ultra high-frequency (UHF) transponders for objects, such as medical devices, books, toys, athletic apparel, and perishable food items and pharmaceuticals. Identiv’s RFID, NFC, and inlay portfolio of solutions feature various…

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People Power intros IoT service to drive consumer engagements

people power

The company’s newest energy-centric service is designed to improve consumer participation in behavioral demand response initiatives. People Power, Internet of Things (IoT) software company providing white-label IoT solutions for energy, security and care services, announces the company’s newest energy-centric service designed to achieve significantly improved consumer participation in Behavioral Demand Response (BDR) initiatives, People Power BDR 2.0. Built on research and field-testing in collaboration with Stanford University ChangeLabs, the new service is comprised of microservices, adding to the library of AI-based energy-centric microservices announced recently with People Power Pro Energy…

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WellAware partners with Amazon Web Services on oil and gas IIoT platform


The company is also collaborating with CheckPoint Pumps & Systems on an IoT pump-monitoring system. WellAware, the oil and gas industry’s only full-stack IoT (Internet of Things) solution for oilfield monitoring and optimization, today announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) at AWS re:Invent 2017 in Las Vegas. The joint effort provides oil and gas operators and service providers with superior data security and reliability on WellAware’s industrial IoT platform, which helps them significantly reduce operating costs and asset downtime by automating and optimizing oilfield production. “We’re excited…

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Connecthings launches IoT pilot program with Capital Metro


Connecthings launched today a pilot program to deliver real time Capital Metro bus schedule and service alert information to riders who are blind or visually impaired. The program, which will run for the next sixty days at sixteen Capital Metro bus stops across downtown Austin, was developed in partnership with RATP Dev USA, Capital Metro’s bus service operations and management partner, BlindSquare, the world’s most popular accessible GPS application for people who are blind or visually impaired, and BlueCats, manufacturers of the world’s most advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons…

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Cisco NB-IoT platform now commercially available worldwide


Cisco has announced that Cisco Jasper Control Center for NB-IoT is now available worldwide, making it the first commercially available global NB-IoT platform. When used in conjunction with the Cisco Jasper Control Center IoT connectivity management platform, enterprises will be able to manage both NB-IoT and cellular devices. NB-IoT (Narrow Band-IoT) is expected to drive growth of IoT at a massive scale, increasing the number of connected devices to in excess of 3 billion by 2023.[1]Supported by the GSMA, NB-IoT is a 3GPP-standard for Low Power Wide Area Networking (LPWAN)…

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Kerlink, Aexonis partner on testing facility for manufacturers to evaluate Lorawan devices


Kerlink a specialist and global leader in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), and Aexonis, the category innovator of IoT mediation and management software, today announced their collaboration to simplify IoT deployment and open the market to companies and organizations that can manage their own IoT networks. Kerlink is helping Aexonis build a live air IoT interoperability center of excellence at Aexonis’ offices in the city of Les Ulis, near Paris. The facility is designed to enable manufacturers, developers and other solution providers to come together to test,…

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Samsung Electronics, Royal Philips team up to expand connected health ecosystem


Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has announced plans for a strategic partnership to connect Samsung’s ARTIK Smart IoT Platform to the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform. This collaboration will ultimately allow the Samsung ARTIK ecosystem of connected devices to safely access and share information with Philips’ cloud platform. Healthcare application developers will be able to realize interoperable connected health solutions using integrated data sets and innovative HealthSuite services such as advanced health analytics. “This collaboration will enable healthcare application developers to focus on…

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Trustwave Report Shows Disparity Between IoT Adoption, Cybersecurity Readiness


A new study from Trustwave and Osterman Research reveals that adoption and security practices are misaligned. Trustwave has released the “IoT Cybersecurity Readiness Report” which assess the current and future use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and corresponding security practices and implementation challenges across organizations in a wide-range of industries. Astonishingly, although most organizations surveyed plan to increase adoption of IoT into operations, only 28 percent consider security strategies specific to IoT as “very important.” Osterman Research conducted the survey on behalf of Trustwave, primarily with midsize and large…

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Merlin CSI Integrates Altizon IIoT Platform for Data Analytics and Machine Learning


The system consists of APIs and an SDK for product integration of analytics and machine learning into everyday manufacturing processes. Altizon, a global industrial IIoT platform company, and Merlin CSI, a firm specializing in software design, implementation and the support of industrial automation, control and edge processing systems, today announced Merlin CSI’s adoption of Altizon’s open innovation kit for its Datonis IIoT platform, consisting of APIs and a SDK for product integration of analytics and machine learning (ML) into everyday manufacturing processes. The complete solution allows Merlin CSI to leverage…

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Irrigation for Corn, Rice and Other Crops Managed via IoT


Cellurar networks hosted by AT&T enables PrecisionKing’s solution for managing alternate wetting and drying methods on rice fields, as well as technology from WaterBit, to track soil moisture levels in a variety of crops. In recent years, technology companies have been developing, testing and deploying a variety of Internet of Things (IoT)-based innovations that leverage cellular networks hosted by AT&T to capture and manage IoT data regarding what is happening on farm fields. The data enables not only automated responses, such as the powering on of irrigation, but also analytics…

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Atonomi offers security protocol for blockchain data sharing


Blockchain technology, which is making the news most prominently for the bitcoin digital currency, is being embraced by some users of radio frequency identification (RFID) and other Internet of Things (IoT) technologies as a way to share, store and analyze sensor data on a public ledger. Because the cost of storing data on many blockchains is high, the IoT data may be stored off-chain, with data being written to the blockchain, to provide consensus verifying that the off-chain data is valid and to provide the data has not been tampered…

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AT&T launches cloud IOT dashboard, new partnerships


AT&T has announced a new cloud-based platform for businesses to manage Internet of Things (IoT) devices across multiple mobile and satellite networks, operators, and regions. Called Multi-Network Connect, the platform allows customers to manage devices over multiple access technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Low-Power Wide Area (LPWA), and satellite. The company said that organisations can configure the platform to work across various operator networks. AT&T said that the platform supports the Globecomm Satellite IoT Platform and expects future enhancements to enable support for the Bridge Alliance Shared IoT…

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Google launches Cloud IoT Core service out of beta


Google Cloud today launched its service for managing connected electronic devices out of beta. Cloud IoT Core offers a system for managing the connection of internet of things (IoT) devices, like sensors, with Google’s cloud, as well as a pipeline for getting data to and from those devices. The new offering is fully managed, so customers don’t need to worry about provisioning the service or scaling up the underlying infrastructure to deal with demand. Google announced the service at its I/O conference last year and launched it in public beta…

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DoubleDoor IoT botnet bypasses firewall using backdoors


Security researchers have uncovered new malware that uses two backdoors to infect IoT devices in order to create a botnet. Dubbed DoubleDoor, the malware was spotted by researchers at NewSky Security. It uses two exploits for bypassing authentication procedures on an IoT device, and also defeats additional security features, they said. The malware targets a vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2015-7755, to make use of the Juniper Networks SmartScreen OS exploit, which allows attackers to get past firewall authentication. After that, the CVE-2016-10401 Zyxel modem backdoor exploit is deployed to take full…

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SAM launches out of stealth, raises $3.5 million to make IoT secure


SAM, a home network cyber defense company, has announced its launch out of stealth as well as the completion of a $3.5 million seed round, led by Blumberg Capital. SAM’s cybersecurity software seamlessly integrates into any router, providing homeowners with a simple, easy-to-use solution for protecting home networks and all connected devices. With a spike in the number of connected devices per household coupled with a reluctance to upgrade home routers and firmware, the challenge of protecting home networks has become increasingly more difficult. To overcome this challenge, SAM has…

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Teracom intros IoT temperature and humidity data loggers


Teracom LTD has announced the availability of highly reliable (3-year warranty), affordable and easy to set up and use TCW210-TH data loggers for remote temperature and humidity monitoring applications. Each TCW210-TH can monitor up to 8 temperature and/or temperature-humidity sensors of various brands and types (up to 24 different parameters each) via either 1-Wire interface and/or the more robust MODBUS RTU over RS485. For example, 4 sensors can connect via MODBUS and another four can connect via 1-Wire, all at the same time. “Our new TCW210-TH data logger device has…

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Digital Biotech: TetraScience develops IoT platform for R&D


At a company called TetraScience, an IoT platform for R&D has been developed to connect lab equipment, take research to the cloud, and drive the development of what the company calls ‘Digital Biotech’. Research labs are geared towards expanding the frontiers of their industry. They are in many ways at the forefront of human ingenuity and scientific endeavour. It’s somewhat surprising, therefore, that research and development facilities, particularly in the world of biotech, haven’t been quicker to integrate the IoT into their processes. For years, researchers have leant on little-altered…

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Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang to be defended by drone-catching drones


What goes up must come down, so it’s no surprise that a counter-drone industry is emerging, dedicated to bringing rogue pilots down to earth with a bump. The rise of readily available flying robots was always going to represent a safety risk. That risk is now more pronounced than ever; many consumer-level drones are capable of operating even while the pilot is sat miles away. There are plenty of methods available for authorities keen to prevent drones from flying where they shouldn’t. Some are wacky rather than practical, like the…

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Blockchain IoT Security: The Enduring Importance of Trust


Despite the hype, blockchain IoT security represents a promising technological convergence. But there are caveats, according to an executive at Entrust Datacard. Your security is only as good as its weakest link, according to a popular cybersecurity truism. But what if each link in your security chain is questionable? Enterprise and industrial companies deploying IoT technology need to be able to verify that each portion of their ecosystem is trustworthy. While blockchain has been heralded for its potential to prevent data tampering and identity theft, the technology doesn’t intrinsically verify…

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Schneider Electric and Cylance Partner on ICS Cybersecurity


There is growing concern about the risk of hacking industrial control systems. The multinational energy technology company Schneider Electric is hooking up with Cylance to help tackle the problem. In recent years, executives at Schneider Electric noticed an uptick in demand from their industrial clientele for cybersecurity assistance with industrial control systems. To meet customer needs, the company has made ICS cybersecurity a high priority internally while also forging relationships with cyber vendors such as McAfee and the startup Claroty in 2014 and 2017, respectively. Now, Schneider Electric is partnering…

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Is blockchain for IoT still overhyped in 2018?


While mainstream adoption may not happen in 2018, there are an array of promising applications of blockchain for IoT. The technology isn’t, however, a magic bullet. A recent headline from the Financial Times declares: Blockchain can no longer be ignored. In tech circles, at least, it certainly hasn’t been. Many proponents practically view blockchain as a panacea for everything from logistics to security. “Blockchain was the ‘Windex of 2017,’ said Jason Shepherd, director of IoT strategy and partnerships at Dell, referring to the film ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding” in…

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eCOUNT Embedded Offers Flat-Panel Controller With Integrated RFID Reader, IIoT Cloud Connectivity


The company’s new display controller is available with optional accessories, ranging from a keypad with infrared-receiver and ambient light sensor for situational brightness control to RFID support, as well as BLE and Wi-Fi IoT modules. The CRTtoLCD-91, from eCOUNT embedded, is a new flat-panel controller for the development of customer-specific monitors, displays and control panels that supports flat screens with up to 4K UHD resolution. As the first industry solution of this kind, it also offers cloud connectivity plus an integrated RFID reader. Thanks to these innovative three features, the…

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Effnet AB licenses its Header Compression Technology for Cellular IoT


The company has licensed the technology to a Japanese telecom infrastructure equipment manufacturer. Effnet AB, the premier provider of header compression software for wireless and fixed networks, today announced that it has licensed its header compression technology for cellular IoT to one of its existing customers, a leading Japanese telecom infrastructure equipment manufacturer. Cellular networks provide connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) and enable Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) applications. Cellular IoT technologies support a massive number of connected devices, long battery life and indoor coverage. The 3GPP specifications…

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Blockpass announces memberships in Decentralized Identity Foundation, trusted IoT alliance


Self-sovereign identity solution Blockpass has announced two new key memberships cementing its preparations for the public release of its application at the end of March this year. These memberships support the Blockpass mission of providing users with a blockchain based self-sovereign identity solution to better interact with regulated industries and the connected world. The first membership is with the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), a group of leading industrial identity and technology experts, aims to establish how best to manage the future of distributed identity solutions and how the industry can…

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Lomiko Metals Inc. announces Promethieus launch tied to SHD Smart Home’s use of blockchain security for IoT


Lomiko Metals Inc. (“Lomiko”) (TSX-V: LMR, OTC: LMRMF, FSE: DH8C) announces details of the strategy for 25% owned Promethieus Cryptocurrency Mining Corporation (“Promethieus” or “the Company”), a cutting-edge cryptocurrency mining company and 25% owned subsidiary SHD Smart Home Devices Corporation (“SHD Devices”), an Internet of Things (“IoT”) Company. Promethieus has posted a downloadable PowerPoint that describes key aspects of the company under Quicklinks. “We are focused on our objectives despite volatile markets,” stated A. Paul Gill, CEO. In a December 13, 2017 article on Yahoo Finance, Royal Bank…

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Quanergy, Cisco provide SmartCity connected roadway solutions


Quanergy, the leading provider of solid state LiDAR sensors and smart sensing solutions, and Cisco, has announced a Smart City collaboration promoting Cisco’s Connected Roadway efforts. Quanergy’s world-class LiDAR sensors and Qortex perception software will be integrated with Cisco’s advanced networking capabilities to create IoT solutions for smart transportation. Cisco’s Smart City Connected Roadway solutions, powered by Cisco Kinetic, links people, processes, data and connected devices to create an intelligent network infrastructure that allows cities to use data analytics to gain new insights and make more informed decisions. It can…

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Cybeats raises seed round of investment, led by Inovia Capital, for enterprise IoT infrastructure


Cybersecurity company Cybeats, which provides continuous cyber defence solution for Enterprise IoT infrastructure, has announced it has raised a seed round of investment from iNovia Capital, Maple Leaf Angels (MLA48 II), and cybersecurity industry insiders Dr. Richard Reiner, Brian O’Higgins, and Brian Bourne. “iNovia is excited to invest in Cybeats and its brilliant team, alongside a great group of investors. IoT and cybersecurity is a space that we have been looking into for a while, we believe Cybeats’ technology is solving a real problem, with the potential to become a…

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Phunware adds Acuity brands’ IoT indoor positioning solution to its mapping, navigation and wayfinding offering


Acuity Brands, Inc. has announced that Phunware, an enterprise mobile software company, has joined the AtriusInternet of Things (IoT) partner ecosystem. Phunware will be adding the Atrius Navigator software development kit (SDK) to its indoor positioning technology offerings, providing customers an innovative, energy-efficient option to support Phunware’s hardware-agnostic location capabilities. Phunware currently provides an indoor wayfinding solution, available on both Apple iOS and Android operating systems, which can be embedded within a fully configurable Phunware-managed native app or within a customer’s existing app via Phunware’s Mapping and Location SDKs. By…

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InfluxData strengthens position in devops monitoring, IoT market


InfluxData, the modern Open Source Platform built specifically for metrics, events and other time series data that empowers developers to build next-generation monitoring, analytics and IoT applications, has announced it has named former Apcera and VMware sales executive Jay Stephenson as its new VP of Worldwide Sales and Field Operations. In this role, Mr. Stephenson will be responsible for scaling sales and operations to meet rapidly growing global demand for InfluxData’s products. “The addition of this proven sales executive will accelerate the expansion of InfluxData’s product offering for DevOps and…

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