NCCoE Seeks IoT Device, Networking Vendors to Beat Botnets


The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is working to better secure connected products. The federal government is looking to work with IoT device and networking vendors to demonstrate new security standards in practice, with the aim of better securing connected products used by consumers and small businesses against botnets and six other automated distributed threats. Botnets, like the Mirai DDoS-attack that took down large portions of the web in 2016, aren’t new, and aren’t limited to IoT devices, according to Tim Polk, internet standards lead for the National Cybersecurity Center…

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New IMC Chair Shares Plan to Drive IoT Deployment


Here’s what Aeris CTO and chair of the IoT M2M Council has in mind to help continue growth in the IoT market. Syed Zaeem “Z” Hosain has long had a mission to help spur IoT deployment. As the chief technology officer of Aeris, a company he helped establish in 1996, Hosain once adopted a predominately evangelical posture toward M2M and IoT, helping to explain the benefits of each before either term became widely used. As the concepts caught on, Hosain gradually assumed a more educational approach. He wrote a book…

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Blockchain technologies hold potential to scale, secure IoT


New research finds blockchain technologies can help the growing IoT space as it reaches a point where it’s struggling to scale. While it’s still nascent, enterprises should have distributed ledger technology on their radars, as so-called blockchain technologies have the potential to enable secure, scalable IoT solutions, according to new research from Kaleido Insights. The IoT space has been growing, but it’s reached a point where it’s struggling to scale, in terms of things like security and monetization, according Jessica Groopman, founding partner at the San Francisco-based industry research and…

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Bosch executives reveal new smart city technology at CES


The German conglomerate unveiled an array of smart city technology at the Consumer Electronics Show for applications ranging from air quality management to flood monitoring. Stefan Hartung, a board member at Robert Bosch GmbH, tinkers with IoT technology in his spare time. “I am probably one of the biggest techies on the Bosch board of management,” Hartung declared on stage at the beginning of a CES press conference. “When we entered the smart home business, I made a point of trying out as much technology as I could,” said Hartung,…

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ADRF, Sirqul add cellular data capabilities to iot platform


Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (ADRF), the largest pure-play in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provider for public safety and commercial radio frequencies, today announced its acceptance into the Sirqul’s Strategic Alliance Partner Program. By collaborating with ADRF, Sirqul enhances its IoT platform capabilities by incorporating data from the cellular connections ADRF provides. Sirqul is an engagement-as-a-service IoT provider that offers software and bundled set of vertical solutions, which combine with mesh networks to track and identify individuals’ behavior, location, and intent. This can range from identifying the exact whereabouts of a…

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Scalable IoT POCs demand security, networking from design


Businesses launching IoT projects need to be mindful to ensure technology can scale to accommodate data demands. The value of IoT technology often eclipses the initial use case, and for this reason, businesses launching IoT projects need to be mindful to ensure technology can scale to accommodate data demands that may not be anticipated at the design stage, according to new research from ABI. Two key aspects of scaling IoT projects and data processing capabilities are close attention to security and networking. That ensures, for instance, that an initial use…

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Collision-resistant drone improves mining prospects in Canada


Swiss drone manufacturer Flyability has developed a unique solution to the challenges of underground mining. Its collision-resistant drone has completed several successful missions at the Lac des Iles mine in Ontario, Canada. Until recently, the use of drones in the mining industry has largely been above ground, in the open air. From on high, drones and their paired software platforms can build a detailed picture of equipment stockpiles, materials and landscapes. It’s a great industrial IoT (IIoT) use case. But exploring uncharted mines, deep underground, comes with challenges that generally…

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How smart speakers help drive the consumerization of IT


To engage workers, enterprise technology must function like consumer tech. We live in an age where there is seemingly an app for everything — from finding a nearby bakery to discovering the name of a song playing at the coffee shop. And those apps are beginning to converge. You can now use a smart speaker to hail a ride and you can configure that speaker to turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat and start playing music upon setting foot in your house. But the enterprise realm is much more…

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Activa-ID Launches ‘IoT Place’ Project


With this initiative, the company seeks to encourage the use of new technologies aimed at the Internet of Things, automation and interactivity. Activa-ID, a subsidiary of Saint Paul Labels, has launched what it calls the IoT Place project. IoT Place, the company indicates, is intended to encourage the use of new technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT), automation and interactivity in Brazil. According to Luciana Cabrini, Activa-ID’s CEO, “IoT Place is an innovative and audacious project that brings new equipment to Brazil and builds new customized environments with RFID…

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Synergy Donates IoT Equipment to Tree Lab


The Dom Cabral Foundation’s laboratory is focused on preparing professionals for business models using the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. The Dom Cabral Foundation (FDC) has created a laboratory known as the Tree Lab, to provide executives and business leaders with access to technological solutions and experimentation activities involving the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and blockchain. The Tree Lab, located at FDC’s Aloysio Faria campus in Minas Gerais, is a breeding and innovation environment designed in partnership with IBM and Synergy, a company that develops…

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Portnox Predicts Strong Future for IoT Security, Cloud and Network Access Control

With IDC estimating 200 billion connected devices by 2020, the promise of a global Internet of Things is fast approaching, posing a new level of threats to connected organizations. 2017 marked a strong year for Portnox, a market leader for network visibility, access control and device risk management solutions, as the company saw more than a 20 percent increase in customers for its Network Access Control (NAC) solutions due to the massive growth of mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and BYOD devices. With 200 billion connected devices by 2020 predicted…

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Zigbee Alliance, Thread Group Address IoT Industry Fragmentation With Dotdot Specification over Thread’s IP Network

Dotdot over Thread offers an open, interoperable Internet of Things language running over an IP-based network. The Zigbee Alliance and Thread Group has announced the availability of the Dotdot specification over Thread’s IP network. This is the first time developers can confidently use an established, open, and interoperable IoT language over a low-power wireless IP network, which will help unify the fragmented connected device industry and unlock new markets. “We’re at an exciting point in the Smart Home where the broader consumer market is embracing mainstream connected products; 26% of…

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Augmate to Integrate IOTA for IoT Device-Management Platform Using Distributed Ledger Technology

IOTA’s Tangle will be the initial protocol within Augmate Connect to support an interoperable platform using feeless transactions. Wearable device management company and “Gartner Cool Vendor” Augmate is using IOTA to build the first IoT device management platform using distributed ledger technology. While at its core a blockchain-agnostic platform,Augmate Connect will start by integrating the IOTA Tangle, a blockless distributed ledger that allows the transfer of value between devices without fees. IOTA is a game-changing transactional settlement and data transfer layer for the Internet of Things. It’s based on a…

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Alchemy launches ‘no code’ IoT asset intelligence

Newly launched Alchemy IoT outlines its plans for a new approach to managing industrial assets using artificial intelligence. Alchemy IoT, a provider of IoT asset intelligence for industrial IoT, launched last week with $4 million in funding. According to the company, its product is driven by a ‘no-code’ approach to what it calls ”IoT asset intelligence”. This, apparently, focuses on simplifying how management, performance and maintenance of industrial assets can be improved using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The company plans to target small to medium-sized industrial customers with…

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Maxim integrated products offers wearables for preventive health and fitness applications

Design preventive healthcare and continuous monitoring solutions for wearable health and fitness applications with the MAX86140 and MAX86141 optical pulse oximeter/heart rate sensors and the MAX30001 electrocardiogram (ECG) and bioimpedance (BioZ) analog front end (AFE) from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM). Through compact, low power solutions, these devices enable accurate monitoring of vital signs to monitor wellness/fitness and prevent health problems before they even begin. Today’s continuous monitoring technology is shifting the consumer mindset away from a reactive monitoring approach to a proactive one. Rather than waiting for yearly…

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Montego Resources hopes IoT will help uncover silver bounty in Nevada

The mining firm is using drones, sensors and robo-drills to hunt for treasure in the Nevada desert. For more than one hundred years, Taylor Mine & Mill in eastern Nevada has produced a bounty of silver and gold, inspiring a silver rush in the 1880s and being tapped again during the 1960s. Today, this property is being worked by Canada-based late-stage exploration and development company Montego Resources, where executives believe that, through the use of industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies, they can uncover new treasure. The small company took over the…

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QMC selects Eleven-X as wireless network partner for smart water meter market

Eleven-X Inc., operator of Canada’s first and only coast-to-coast public low power network, is pleased to announce that QMC, Canada’s leader in submetering, has selected eleven-X to be their wireless network partner to reinvent the Smart Water Meter market. QMC will launch its Smart Water Metering solution in early 2018, which will be the first time a metering services company will use a public LoRaWAN network in Canada. In Canada, and many other parts of the world, Smart Metering solutions use proprietary networks and technologies that can be unreliable and,…

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Avnet releases upgraded TPM V2.0 Pmod for IIOT security

Avnet (NYSE: AVT), a leading global technology distributor, has released the next generation Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Security Peripheral Module (Pmod) enabling advanced hardware root of trust platform integrity, remote attestation and cryptographic services for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)–enabled devices for applications including factory automation, smart cities, smart grid and health care. Representatives from Avnet will be on hand at the Xilinx Security Working Group December 4-5 in Paris and December 7-8 in Munich to demonstrate how the new TPM V2.0 Security Pmod can help designers leverage the robust…

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Amplía teams up with Sigfox to boost merchandise tracking

Amplía, OpenGate IoT Platform Provider, has joined Sigfox, a leading provider of low power and low cost connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), to develop a comprehensive, global and massive solution for the monitoring of any type of merchandise. Thanks to the combination of both technologies, companies can obtain the location of their assets in real time, view their location on a map, remotely collect all types of events and access information on all their devices instantly. It also allows access to the history of the data, something especially…

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The era of the IoT: How to make a successful entry

Today, the world is on the verge of mass introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) into everyday life and business. It is expected that its serious development is inextricably linked to the new standard of mobile communication, 5G, which is at the final stages of development and testing. With its help, a great number of smart devices connected to the network can be managed. However, today there are devices, the technical characteristics of which allow even administrating the operation of IoT-devices even within the capabilities of existing networks. Smartphone…

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DDoS attacks almost double with IoT as target, says Corero

A 91 per cent increase is recorded in DDoS activity as criminals seize on unsecured IoT devices to launch attacks, according to Corero. Businesses are facing a surge in DDoS attacks with the number of episodes almost doubling over the last year, according to figures released by Corero. The IT security company claims that organizations encountered an average of 237 DDoS attack attempts per month during the third quarter of 2017 – equivalent to eight DDoS attack attempts every day. The data, based on DDoS attack attempts against Corero customers,…

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Huawei and Gemalto team up to accelerate NarrowBand IoT deployments

Gemalto and Huawei create a cost-effective solution for mass market IoT. To help device manufacturers meet a growing demand for long-lasting low-power NarrowBand (NB) IoT modules, Gemalto and Huawei – via its semiconductor arm, HiSilicon – are working together to develop the next generation of modules that combine an extra level of security and consume very low power. By combining the expertise from both companies, these NB-IoT modules will help manufacturers reduce the cost and size of their devices, and lengthen the battery life of the devices to up to…

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Mocana, Xilinx, Infineon, Microsoft join forces to secure industrial control and IoT devices

Mocana, the leading provider of IoT security solutions for industrial control systems (ICS) and the Internet of Things (IoT), announced a partnership with Avnet, Xilinx, Infineon Technologies and Microsoft to introduce an integrated, high-assurance industrial IoT system that meets the latest cybersecurity standards. The system is comprised of advanced hardware and software built on the Avnet UltraZed-EG system-on-module (SOM), designed to be flexible and rugged for industrial IoT and small-form-factor IoT devices. The hardware plus software combination includes Mocana’s security software operating on the Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC, leveraging the…

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Forescout Technologies reports companies experiencing anxiety due to IoT security concerns

ForeScout Technologies (NASDAQ: FSCT), a leading Internet of Things (IoT) security company, has revealed new findings about the impact IoT and operational technology (OT) are having on organizations and the cybersecurity dilemmas they are causing within security and LoB teams. The commissioned survey, conducted by leading independent analyst firm Forrester Consulting on behalf of ForeScout, unveiled that security and LoB leaders are experiencing high levels of anxiety due to IoT/OT security concerns, largely due to the negative business ramifications a security failure can have on critical business operations. Furthermore, the…

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Solace facilitating adoption of message queueing protocol standard

Solace, the leading provider of open data movement technology, has announced several developments in its campaign to support the rapidly accelerating market adoption of Advanced Message Queueing Protocol (AMQP) 1.0, an open standard for passing business messages between applications and organizations. AMQP frees companies from vendor lock-in at the data distribution layer by providing a standards-based way of reliably transmitting information between diverse applications within and between enterprises, powering microservices, and feeding process and analytics engines the information they need. “As more companies migrate applications to cloud and hybrid environments,…

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Why passive optical LANs are the IT backbone to future proof today’s enterprise networks

As businesses undergo digital transformations to remain competitive, they need to provide an IT backbone that is fast, secure and reliable, while exceeding growing bandwidth needs. What they are finding is that existing copper cabling cannot keep pace. IT executives are constantly being challenged with the need for greater performance and bandwidth in their enterprise networks. The demand for more elaborate security coupled with superior scalability and reliability at lower costs is at an all time high. The cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, connected cars and…

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Trojan Horse CryptoShuffler Stole Over 150 000 USD Worth of Cryptocurrencies

Ever rising market value of cryptocurrencies attracts not only new investors but also thiefs and hackers. While mere two years ago malware specifically targeting cryptocurrencies was a rare phenomenon, today they are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. The latest in series of the more successful ones is trojan horse called CryptoShuffler which already managed to steal more than 150 000 USD worth of cryptocurrencies. CryptoShuffler is operating on a very simple principle, though. In the moment when user copies a crypto-address into clipboard, the malware simply switches it…

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New report advocates government intervention on IoT security regulations

Is the time right for greater regulation on the Internet of Things – even government-mandated initiatives? According to a new study from Gemalto, 90% of consumers lack confidence in the security of IoT devices while a majority would approve of government intervention. The study, conducted by Vanson Bourne, which polled more than 1,000 IT and business decision makers and 10,000 consumers, added there was a disparity between IoT device ownership and security knowledge. More than half (54%) of consumers polled said they own on average four IoT devices, yet only…

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A new Mirai-Like IoT Botnet is growing in a new mysterious campaign

Malware researchers at Check Point have uncovered a new massive IoT botnet that presented many similarities with the dreaded Mirai. The new thing bot emerged at the end of September and appears much more sophisticated, according to the experts the malware already infected more than one million organizations worldwide. The malicious code tries to exploit many known-vulnerabilities in various IP camera models, including GoAhead, D-Link, TP-Link, AVTECH, NETGEAR, MikroTik, Linksys, and Synology. The experts speculate that the malware once compromised a device use it to spread itself. “With each passing…

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Some kid smartwatches available for sale in Europe pose security and privacy risks

The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) warns that most children’s GPS-tracking smartwatches represent a threat for them. Many devices are affected by security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker to take control over the smartwatches, spy on conversations, or abuse the smartwatch camera to take picture and clips. An attacker can track GPS location, spoof GPS coordinates sent to watch’s paired app, misleading parents about the exact location of their children. BEUC issued a public service announcement on the security and privacy risks related the children’s smartwatches. BEUC also…

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