Developer unveils plans to create £5bn UK climate tech hub

climate tech hub

The Earls Court Development Company, responsible for driving regeneration of the site of the former Earls Court Exhibition Centre in West London, is aiming to attract £5bn of investment to make the site a commercial space for the UK’s clean and climate technology sector. Earlier this year, ECDC launched its draft masterplan which outlined its ambition to go beyond net zero for the development of the site. Energy sharing network The company is designing one of the UK’s largest combustion-free major mixed-use developments. The scheme will feature an energy sharing…

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Edge AI smart traffic monitoring system launched

Traffic Insight Monitoring Sensor (Timos)

South Korean imaging radar company Bitsensing has introduced the Traffic Insight Monitoring Sensor (Timos) with edge AI computing to help bring improved insights for traffic management. The company claims the 24GHz Timos, powered by the Nvidia Jetson platform, delivers accurate and reliable real-time detection of “endless possibilities” occurring on the road including traffic statistics, incidents, violations, and estimated time of arrival. Smart city infrastructure With sensor fusion tracking, the single device solution provides precise object classification without the use of any external systems keeping resources efficient and cost-effective. Dr Jae-Eun…

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Apcoa and BP Pulse to create European network of EV hubs

EV fast charging hubs

BP Pulse and Apcoa Parking Group have signed an agreement to open more than 100 EV fast charging hubs across Europe to help accelerate urban e-mobility infrastructure. Under the strategic pan-European agreement, BP Pulse plans to install ultra-fast charging at Apcoa car parks – so-called “Urban Hubs” – in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK over the next three years. Digital integration The two companies aim to work together to provide a convenient customer journey through digital integration of the BP Pulse and Apcoa Connect app…

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Seoul deploys smart robot service in city’s Botanic Park

Seoul Botanic Park autonomous robot

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is rolling out a smart robot service at Seoul Botanic Park to provide guidance and information to visitors via artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) technology. Branded as Robotanic, the autonomous bot service also aims to increase visitor security and create a safe park environment. Robotic units The city will operate a total of three Robotanic units around popular areas for exploring and resting at Seoul Botanic Park, one indoors in the greenhouse and two outdoors in the garden. In the greenhouse,…

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Singapore launches first LoRaWan sensor network

LoRaWan sensor network

SPTel, a joint venture company of ST Engineering and SP Group, has launched what it claims is Singapore’s first sensor network powered by LoRaWan for business applications and government projects. Leveraging SPTel’s pervasive hubs in Singapore, SPTel reports its Sensor Network is a network built for national scale starting with the heartlands to increase the accessibility of IoT technologies and sensors for business applications, government projects and Smart Nation initiatives. Backhaul connectivity The SPTel Sensor Network allows authenticated sensor devices to wirelessly connect to its secure IoT-as-a-service platform and backhaul…

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Lacuna Space, Wyld Networks partner to roll-out global satellite solutions for the IoT market

Lacuna Space

Lacuna Space, the provider of global satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) announces their partnership with Wyld Networks. Their agreement allows Wyld to transfer data from its low-power, sensor-to-satellite LoRaWAN terminals and modules through Lacuna’s network of Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) and Mid Earth Orbiting (MEO) satellites for IoT applications where there is little or no alternative connectivity. Wyld Networks will resell data from the existing and planned Lacuna constellation of satellites. “We are delighted to be working with Wyld, who perfectly complement Lacuna’s go-to-market strategy. Lacuna focuses…

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Taoping expands e-bike charging network to 50 Chinese cities

e-bike charging network

Blockchain technology and smart cloud services company Taoping is expanding its electric bike charger network into 50 cities in China by the end of 2022. The chargers are used in major cities including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Quanzhou, Zhenjiang, Nanyang, Meizhou, and Maoming, among others. Smart cities collaboration The company has already received in excess of 320,000 orders for its e-bike charging solution, which it developed in strategic cooperation with smart cities construction and infrastructure company Shenzhen Zhicheng Chuangtou New Energy. “We are seeing explosive growth in the e-bike market, with…

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Ziptron and L-Charge team to boost electric charging in India

Ziptron and L-Charge

UK-based L-Charge has agreed on a long-term collaboration with Ziptron Gas to enhance the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure network in India. The two companies have already agreed their first shipment of boosters under the new deal. Charging infrastructure The collaboration between the UK-based EV charge point manufacturer and operator L-Charge and the India based Ziptron Gas will provide high-end infrastructure solutions for the EV market in India. Under the contract, L-Charge will deliver boosting equipment capable of amplifying the output power of typical 4kW-15kW charge points, currently operated in…

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EWP-EDF One wave energy project to connect Israeli grid

EWP-EDF One Project

Once connected, the EWP-EDF One Project will represent the first time in the country’s history that electricity produced by the power of waves will be transmitted to Israel’s national electric grid. The Israeli Electric Authority (IEA) has set an official feed-in tariff (Fit) for Eco Wave Power Global’s wave energy pilot project (EWP-EDF One Project) at the Port of Jaffa in Tel Aviv. With the Fit in place, the Israeli Electric Company (IEC) has begun operations to officially connect the EWP-EDF One wave energy project to Israel’s energy grid. Power…

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IoT connections increased by 22 per cent in 2021

IoT connections 2021

Research from Berg Insight predicts more than four billion internet of things devices will be connected to cellular networks worldwide by 2026. The number of global cellular internet of things (IoT) connections grew 22 per cent to reach 2.1 billion in 2021, according to IoT market research firm Berg Insight. Analyst predicts there will be 4.3 billion IoT devices connected to cellular networks worldwide by 2026. Pandemic recovery Berg Insight reveals the major regional markets of China, Western Europe and North America grew similarly during the year as the world…

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Massachusetts expands off-peak electric vehicle charging rebates

National Grid

Electric vehicle drivers in the US state can enrol their vehicle or home charger to earn between 3¢ and 5¢ off every kWh of charging they do during off-peak hours. Massachusetts has introduced an expanded off-peak residential electric vehicle (EV) charging rebate programme in partnership with National Grid and, a global provider of managed EV charging software. The programme allows customers to receive a discount on their charging by connecting their vehicle or home charger to National Grid’s new mobile app called Charge Smart MA. Off-peak hours National Grid…

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Hydrogen cartridge to be tested by smart city developer

Hydrogen cartridge

Toyota and Woven Planet will conduct proof-of-concept trials in various locations, including the Woven City smart city development being constructed in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan. Woven Planet, the Toyota Motor Company subsidiary building a smart city at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, has developed a working prototype of a portable hydrogen cartridge able to power a broad range of applications in and outside of the home. Toyota and Woven Planet will conduct proof-of-concept trials in various places, including Woven City, which is currently being constructed in…

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Reno to experiment with blockchain for building records

The City of Reno in Nevada

The City of Reno in Nevada has announced a pilot programme that uses blockchain technology to create and store digital copies of historic building records. Reno claims its Biggest Little Blockchain is the first city-run and resident-focused blockchain platform in the US. If it proves successful, Reno hopes to expand the scope of the platform and bring more processes onto the network, such as regular maintenance work, permitting, and licensing. First records system The City of Reno’s Historic Registry will be the first records system on the technology platform. The…

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Partnership delivers end-to-end smart city and IoT solutions

monitoring and asset tracking solutions

Senet and Ready Wireless have partnered to deliver end-to-end enterprise and municipal IoT solutions combining Ready Wireless’ IoT application management and data visualisation platform and Senet’s carrier-grade LoRaWan network. Ready Wireless provides an extensive range of customisable applications for some of the fastest growing IoT use cases in the smart building, smart city, and transportation segments, including asset tracking, environmental monitoring, and fleet management. Interoperability testing Through this partnership, Ready Wireless has completed interoperability testing on the Senet network and will be selling, deploying, and supporting solutions with Senet connectivity…

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Global Telecom launches IoT device management platform

GTIoT Management Platform

Global Telecom, an innovator in wireless technology engineering at the intersection of hardware and the network, launched a universal IoT management platform for organisations to manage, optimise and accelerate their networks of wireless devices and sensors. The GTIoT Management Platform offers a cloud-based, low-cost IoT solution for enterprises with thousands or millions of expected wireless devices in their network, as well as small businesses dipping their toes into the IoT. At a price point of pennies per device, the GTIoT Management Platform includes more than 400 Key Performance Indicators (KPI)…

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