Industrial Internet of Things CE & SEE

Industrial Internet of Things CE & SEE AVERIA.NEWS

Industrial Internet of Things CE & SEE 15 October 2018, Prague, Czech Republic This two-day conference showcases some early case studies, the success stories which have delivered ROI back to their businesses’ bottom line. A series of debates will then unravel for delegates, providing real insight into how the IIOT is re-shaping business models. Companies that don’t employ IIoT solutions will undoubtedly get left behind. Be warned, the disruptors are utilising IIoT not only to improve their efficiency but to re-engineer their business offerings. At this cutting-edge summit, you…

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Dell launches smart vision IoT solutions in edge computing push

Dell Technologies IoT Solution for Surveillance

Dell Technologies has announced new solutions to support computer vision and machine intelligence applications from edge to cloud. The first target? Surveillance. Dell has collaborated with its partner ecosystem – particularly Intel – to develop surveillance solutions based on advanced computer vision and analytics technologies. These are ready to be applied to use cases in public safety, customer experience, and product inventory management, the company confirmed in a statement. Intel has a number of computer vision acquisitions and investments, including Movidius, the startup whose technology is used in leading autonomous…

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Retail IoT: The new cashier-free stores transforming shopping

Zippin IoT

Cashier-free stores are shaping up to be the future of retail – but that future is likely to be led by China, as Jessica Twentyman reports. Could a combination of in-store cameras, artificial intelligence, smart-shelf sensors, and a handy mobile app, put an end to the irritation of waiting in line for the checkout? Zippin thinks it can. This week, the San Francisco start-up launched what it calls its “next-generation checkout-free technology, which enables retailers to quickly deploy frictionless shopping in stores and brings an end to waiting in line…

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IBM showcases Watson momentum in Europe as well as cloud success

IBM Watson

IBM is certainly making progress in Europe if recent releases are anything to go by – both in cloud and with its AI-enabled assistant Watson. Many of the company’s new European clients are using Watson, according to a momentum release, including Spanish electricity grid operator Red Eléctrica de España, Italian elderly care provider Cooperativa Sole, Dutch telecommunications operator Tele2 and Israeli manufacturer of smart air conditioning Electra Group. Bret Greenstein, global vice president of IBM Watson Internet of Things Offerings, said: “IBM announced a $3 billion investment globally to bring…

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Breed Reply launches new investor search for great IoT startups


IoT incubator Breed Reply has launched a new search for early-stage IoT businesses that have the potential to benefit from funding, advice, and support. This is the seventh time that the company has run its Best in Breed talent-search programme. Last year, one-third of Breed Reply’s 18-strong portfolio raised a total of more than $50 million in Series A funding from investors. Funding for growth Breed Reply funds and supports the development of early-stage companies in the Internet of Things, in Europe and the USA. Based in London, with offices…

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How Is 2018 Shaping Up for IoT?

An article by Marc, Editor at IoT Business News. If there’s one thing we have learned about IoT in the past, it’s that the predictions of its size are not to be trusted. From the early predictions of a trillion devices by 2015, to the more recent predictions of 50 billion devices by 2020, those in the know seem to have used IoT growth predictions as an exercise of building hype, only to have it reduced to nothing by hard-hitting reality. But those wild predictions wouldn’t have been served out…

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6 Factors to Determine the Success of Your IoT Project

The emergence of IoT has led to work smarter and revolutionizing the way employees work and interact with others. Workplaces are getting smarter; employees are being more productive and potential for smart workplace scheduling is evolving. According to a recent survey by Cisco, deployment of IoT is stalled 60% of the time while only 26% of respondents consider their deployment successful. When it comes to deployment of IoT, a number of factors decide the fate of the project. Either you win or you lose, however, the poor implementation would lead…

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Websockets and IoT: Why don’t the two go together?

After running around in the realtime tech world for a couple of months since I started working for deepstreamHub, I think a lot of people have many misconceptions about a lot of concepts within this world. is an open realtime server that let’s you build realtime functionality right into your existing application while not having to worry about any of the backend magic. Almost all of deepstream works over websockets, which totally makes sense in the realtime world. However, a couple of months back, deepstream decided to release an…

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MI to host conference on ‘Internet of Things’

ABU DHABI: The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, a research-driven graduate-level institution focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies, yesterday announced that it is hosting the 2017 IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration-System on Chips (VLSI-SoC) on the theme of ‘The Internet of Things: SoC Opportunities and Challenges’. Masdar Institute is part of the Khalifa University of Science and Technology. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnection of sensing devices embedded in everyday objects to networks that allow them to send and receive data for…

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Key Reinstallation Attacks

Breaking WPA2 by forcing nonce reuse Discovered by Mathy Vanhoef of imec-DistriNet, KU Leuven Serious weaknesses discovered in WPA2, a protocol that secures all modern protected Wi-Fi networks. An attacker within range of a victim can exploit these weaknesses using key reinstallation attacks (KRACKs). Concretely, attackers can use this novel attack technique to read information that was previously assumed to be safely encrypted. This can be abused to steal sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails, photos, and so on. The attack works against all modern…

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Alibaba showcases vision of ‘retail store of the future’

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba shows off a new, IoT-enabled furniture store in Hangzhou and announces a new $15 billion R&D program. When it comes to online shopping in China, Alibaba Group is a colossus – but its founder Jack Ma reckons that the next big opportunity lies not in the online-only model, but in offering shoppers a blend of digital and bricks-and-mortar retail services. With that in mind, the company has been opening up physical stores at a feverish pace over the last two years, and spending some $8 billion…

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Follow the Patents: The Internet of Things has Arrived for Utilities

As the Internet has matured, more and more applications are being found for it. In addition to e-commerce, social media, banking, dating, Wikipedia and Over the Top video, there is the “Internet of Things” or “IoT.” This technology refers to the linking of connected devices so they can communicate with humans or with each other. Within the Internet of Things world there are man-to-machine and machine-to-machine protocols. The “Smart House” or “Smart Home” (both terms are used interchangeably) has become a reality. Using IoT technology, a homeowner can make sure…

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A mind-blowing VR arcade won me over. It’ll get you too

The VR arcade — yes, an arcade — is designed to get you to try virtual reality headsets without getting sick. You might even like it. I did. Virtual reality has turned me into a globe-trotting adventurer. I’ve scuba-dived massive undersea shipwrecks, coming face-to-face with a blue whale. I’ve fought off hordes of oncoming zombies with nothing but a shotgun, an ax and my wits to stay alive. And I’ve piloted a spaceship in an epic dogfight against — does it even matter? But through every adventure, I’ve known it…

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How to Build a Better IoT Framework

To develop IoT ecosystems, business and IT leaders must connect various technologies, manage partnerships, oversee APIs, and address security and privacy issues. The idea of an enterprise connecting devices, objects and other things is nothing new. Over the past several years, many organizations have experimented with RFID, beacons, sensors, automation platforms, mobile technology and a spate of other systems. “If you go back a few years, business and IT leaders were mostly kicking the tires on the IoT,” observes Craig McNeil, managing director of the IoT business for consulting firm…

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What does the internet of things mean for the energy sector?

When renowned American psychologist Abraham Maslow came up with his famous Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in 1943, he had studied what he called “exemplary” people, such as Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt and Frederick Douglass, to describe the pattern that human motivations generally move through. The highest level of need – self-actualization – referred to a person’s full potential and the realization of that potential. Maslow’s description of self-actualization can be summarized by the famous US Army slogan, “Be All You Can Be.” Maslow believed that for a person to realize…

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