Device Authority launches security suite for PTC ThingWorx IoT platform

IoT security platform

Device Authority, a global provider of Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT), has launched a Security Suite for PTC ThingWorx IoT platform. It combines four security extensions into one bundle for ThingWorx customers and partners. This solves customer demand for enhanced security, meeting compliance and business needs, and ensuring an end-to-end security solution is robust. ThingWorx delivers purpose-built industrial IoT applications and the market-leading technology platform, so customers can rapidly deliver solutions that solve critical challenges all designed to accelerate digital transformation. When connecting applications…

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How to make the most of IoT in the restaurant business

restaurant iot

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been dominating the headlines lately, unfolding on many fronts across the globe. This post from Vikash Kumar Chaudhary of sums up how a restaurant owner, purveyor, or grower can make the most of this tech to automate all the tedious tasks and focus on something else. If we take a close look at the hospitality sector, I am sure you will find it entirely driven by the customer service. The only challenge is how to harness the power of digital transformation in the…

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Why the Internet of Things needs Artificial Intelligence

data IoT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are terms that project a futuristic and science fiction image; both have been identified as causing disruption in business in 2018. In fact, says Harnil Oza, CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, both concepts are more real today than they have been at any time in the past. However, for companies to be aware of the full potential of the IoT, then IoT has to be merged with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies that advance rapidly. This allows “intelligent machines” to think for themselves…

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How the Internet of Things improves financial investments

IoT Finance

Can smart technology lead to smart investing? There is ample evidence that this is the case, says Marc Weisberg, managing principal for Soho Investment Partners, given the prominence and proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) over the past few years. While there were 15 billion connected devices in 2015, one estimate is that there could be as many as 20 billion by 2020. Sales of IoT devices, meanwhile, rose from $18 billion (€16 billion) in 2009 to $1.1 trillion (€0.97 trillion) by 2017. That figure will likely reach $1.7…

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Top IoT start-ups across industries

iot start up

IoT proves to be a transformative force for many businesses, regardless of industry. Yet, there are a few sectors that can benefit from this concept in particular – and both start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seem to be well aware of that, as new ventures offering powerful IoT solutions emerge. Before digging deeper into the Internet of Things, meet top IoT start-ups within rapidly developing industries, says Emil Waszkowski, growth manager & business analyst at Future Mind. Until recently, advanced IoT solutions were only reserved for large companies…

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Clive Alberts is President of Verbatim

Clive Alberts Verbatim president

Verbatim, the leading data storage company and part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group, has appointed Clive Alberts as President for its EUMEA operation. The position was previously held by Hidetaka Yabe who returns to Tokyo, Japan to undertake a General Manager’s role within the Corporate Marketing Department at Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. “I am excited and honoured to be taking on this pivotal role at Verbatim, a company with a rich and globally renowned 50 year heritage in data storage,” said Clive Alberts. “We will aim to continue to build on…

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Children are no longer sleeping in class, chickens prosper, and drugs do not spoil

IQRF Summit 2019

Environmental monitoring is beneficial in a wide variety of areas, and due to IQRF Alliance members cooperation, projects are implemented quickly and efficiently. The new IQRF Alliance member – České Radiokomunikace a.s. – provides low-energy long-distance communication and an integration platform. Representatives of companies will present using LoRaWan™ and IQRF® as complementary technologies in a specific energy project at the IQRF Summit. Michal Ruda, Business Development Manager IoT, České Radiokomunikace a.s.: “The LoRaWAN™ network and its equipment, combined with the IQRF® mesh network, provide perfect synergy for complex IoT solutions…

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5G multi-mode chipset and 5G CPE Pro launched by Huawei

Huawei 5G CPE Pro launch

Huawei has launched its 5G multi-mode chipset Balong 5000 – along with the first commercial 5G device powered by it, the Huawei 5G CPE Pro. The company claims that together, these two new products provide “the world’s fastest wireless connections for your smartphone, your home, the office, and on the go”. Be that as it may, this chipset supports a broad range of 5G products in addition to smartphones, including home broadband devices, vehicle-mounted devices, and 5G modules. “The Balong 5000 will open up a whole new world to consumers,”…

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Zeppelin cuts factory engine failures with predictive IoT maintenance

Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Inc, reports that Zeppelin GmbH, is using Splunk Enterprise to reduce the risk of factory shutdowns and predict machinery and equipment maintenance. Zeppelin provides solutions in the following areas: construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, rental machinery, construction logistics, construction site management, drive, propulsion, traction and energy, engineering, and plant engineering. It also develops new digital business models for the construction sector. The Zeppelin Group has 190 sites in 35 countries and generated a sales volume of 2.75 billion euros in the 2017 financial year; more than 8,000 employees…

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ETSI CIM group releases full spec for context information exchange in smart cities

wireless IoT applications

The ETSI Industry Specification Group for cross-cutting Context Information Management (ISG CIM) has just released its main specification GS CIM 009 for NGSI-LD API. It is particularly targeting smart city applications and government services (use cases available in GR CIM 002). This concludes two years of work, including industry feedback on the preliminary release made in April 2018. The name “NGSI-LD” refers to early work of the Open Mobile Alliance in defining high-level NGSI interfaces as well as advances from the Linked Data community. A significant amount of the data…

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Water utilities forecast to propel growth with global smart meter revenue to reach US$14bn by 2026

Water IoT

Water and gas meter shipments will see double-digit revenue growth over the next five years. If this market forecast comes true it will be welcome news in a market where smart electricity shipments are contracting and greatly slowing growth of overall revenues across the entire metering segment. According to ABI Research, energy and water utility meter installations will result in annual shipments of 151 million smart meters in 2018 and will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.2% to reach 193 million units by 2026. The figures…

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IQRF Summit 2019

IQRF Summit 2019

The fourth edition of IoT conference with the IQRF® wireless network technology will bring news from the world of industry, smart cities and buildings. Members of the IQRF Alliance face new challenges from a wide range of areas of life, such as healthcare, breeding or farming. At the conference, you can personally meet with representatives of companies providing for example parking, lighting or air quality monitoring, and find out which solutions are already available on the market. In an informal setting of afternoon networking, you can easily discuss your ideas…

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B-Secur Sees Potential in ECG Biometrics for Cars and Wearables


The Belfast-based startup is upbeat on the potential of ECG biometrics to identify individuals as well as to gauge their health and physical state. Passwords are a pain. It is all-too-tempting to reuse the same password whenever possible, but irregular password requirements and security recommendations make it necessary to memorize or otherwise keep track of scores of passwords for everything from online commerce to banking to email accounts. And yet breached passwords are involved in many cybersecurity breaches. That was the case in the iconic 1983 Cold War science fiction…

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Smart City Project in Vienna Suburb Begins New Phase

Aspern Smart City Research

A roughly 30-minute subway ride away from Vienna’s inner core is Aspern, an emerging neighborhood that is home to one of Europe’s most-ambitious smart city projects. Launched in 2009, the project is intended to be a test lab for urban energy use, as well as to showcase a smart city initiative that points the way forward for other similarly-minded, technology-oriented urban planners. “We are working on solutions for a really renewable energy future,” said Georg Pammer, manager of Aspern Smart City Research. “The aim is to develop solutions for a…

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IIoT and Mass Customization: How Do They Fit Together?

IIoT and Mass Customization

Recent Deloitte research shows that more than 50 percent of customers expressed interest in acquiring custom products. Empowered by the development of technologies, they are willing to become co-producers and have the opportunity to shape the products they purchase themselves. To respond to the expectations of individual customers, enterprises have embraced mass customization, which allows them to create products tailored to the needs of a particular buyer while retaining high production volumes and relatively low production costs. As customers’ desires become increasingly diverse, however, mass customization can turn into mass…

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