Rubicon rolls out smart waste services to more US cities

smart waste US

Smart waste company Rubicon reports it has added 11 more US cities to a list of municipalities using its technology to help run core city operations, with a focus on solid waste collection. This adoption is led by new city customers including Rochester, New York; Surprise, Arizona; High Point, North Caroline; Newton, Massachusetts; Rockville, Maryland; Galveston, Texas; Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Dubuque, Iowa; North Platte, Nebraska; and Winchester, Virginia. Waste collection operations According to Rubicon, these cities run essential waste collection operations servicing nearly one million people combined across the core…

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Autonomous street sweeper launched in Shenzhen

Taoping autonomous street sweeper

A next generation autonomous street sweeper and modular smart rest station have been unveiled in Shenzhen’s highly popular Xiangmi Park. The southeastern China city’s “Citizen Park” or Xiangmi Park is one of China’s more famous and scenic spots and serves as a popular site ranging from online influencers and people taking a stroll to children and elderly exercising. Costly daily cleaning Shenzhen reports the high volume of daily visitors enjoying the 424,000 square metre park also creates a considerable amount of waste, which is time consuming and costly to clean.…

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Soofa enhances hyperlocal content with Facebook widget

Soofa Brings Facebook to the Sidewalk

Soofa, a provider of solar-powered street-level furniture used for outdoor advertising and smart city communication, has introduced a feature allowing city landowners to display Facebook updates to passersby. According to Soofa, as many cities and municipalities use Facebook to communicate with constituents in their community, the ability to share current Facebook updates at eye-level to passersby in the right-of-way adds another level of connectivity with community members. Hyperlocal content It also reinforces the power of hyperlocal content that attracts people to the signs’ 42-inch electronic ink displays, Soofa claims, making…

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Wave energy conversion unit arrives at Port of Los Angeles

Eco Wave Power

Eco Wave Power’s wave energy conversion unit has arrived for installation as a pilot station at the AltaSea innovation campus at the Port of Los Angeles. It was formerly located in Gibraltar and is the first US siting of the company’s technology. It is already deployed in Israel and there are further plans for deployments in Spain, Portugal, Turkey and other locations, as part of the company’s current 404.7 MW project pipeline. Onshore wave technology Eco Wave Power entered a collaboration agreement with AltaSea in early 2022 and announced plans…

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Blickfeld unveils smart 3D LiDAR Qb2 device

Blickfeld smart 3D LiDAR Qb2 device

Blickfeld, the Munich-based manufacturer of LiDAR sensor solutions creating hardware and software, is launching the delivery of its Qb2 device to customers and partners, following its concept announcement at CES 2022. Qb2 is based on Blickfeld’s proprietary solid-state software-defined LiDAR technology, enables the capturing and processing of data on a single device, removing the need for additional computers and bringing faster insights, improved response times and better bandwidth availability via edge computing. Companies benefit from high efficiency gains through enriched, actionable real-time 3D data for example in the areas of…

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Semtech, Exeger demonstrate solar harvesting technology for IoT sensors

Powerfoyle Hexagon LensFlare

Semtech Corporation , a global supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, announces its collaboration with Exeger, a Swedish deep-tech company manufacturing fully customisable solar cells. Combining Semtech’s LoRa Edge asset management platform with Exeger’s Powerfoyle solar cell technology significantly extends the battery life of asset tracking and environmental sensing devices. Semtech’s LoRa Edge scans GNSS satellites as well as Wi-Fi SSIDs and partitions the processing between IoT devices and the LoRa Cloud to determine location. The Cloud-based solver significantly reduces power consumption and increases battery…

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Lidar companies team for drone-based mapping and analytics

Lidar mapping and analytics

Silicon Valley-based lidar solutions company Cepton is working with LidarSwiss Solutions to deploy its technology in a drone-based mapping and analytics solution for infrastructure management and engineering design applications. LidarSwiss is a provider of high-performance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) based lidar solutions, based in Switzerland. Utilising Cepton’s Sora lidar sensor, its Nano P60 system provides high-fidelity mapping and real-time processing on the fly to serve engineers, forestry managers and urban planners across the globe. Sensor and camera systems To date, Nano P60 has been used to map and analyse powerlines,…

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Mass-produced robo roadsweepers to be tested in Guangzhou

self-driving Robosweeper WeRide

A fleet of more than 50 mass-produced autonomous roadsweeper vehicles will be deployed for testing in Nansha District in the Chinese city of Guangzhou in May this year. Robosweeper has been designed and produced for city-level environmental services under a strategic collaboration between level 4 (L4) autonomous driving specialist WeRide and vehicle manufacturer Yutong Group. Purpose-built design The purpose-built vehicle features a cockpit-free design without a steering wheel, accelerator or brake pedals. It is WeRide’s second product for mass production and purpose-built self-driving vehicles, after the launch of the Mini…

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StrongArm Raises $50M for Industrial Safety Wearables

StrongArm Technologies FUSE FLEX Safety Wearable

StrongArm Technologies has raised $50 million to deliver wearable devices that protect industrialworkers. The funding round, led by Drive Capital, is the company’s second investment within the past year and is the biggest investment on record for an industrial safety wearables company. StrongArm says the funds raised will help grow its team and expand its services in several areas of the company from introducing its SafeWork System to empowering its customers, by providing real-time feedback to inform safety, proper training and productivity across the workforce. “In five years, it will…

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Seoul Digital Foundation launches metaverse office

Seoul metaverse office

Seoul has opened a metaverse office in its virtual reality public space, Gather Town. According to Seoul Digital Foundation (SDF), the ‘office’ will be used when holding advisory conferences with lecturers or experts and for internal meetings with employees working from home. Fourth industrial revolution The SDF aims to apply key technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, like metaverse and artificial intelligence (AI), to administrative tasks. With a view to helping the South Korean capital improve competitiveness as a global smart city, the foundation plans to use metaverse in its…

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PKvitality announces clinical trial for K’Watch Glucose

K’Watch Glucose

PKvitality, a French company specialised in Health and Sport bio-wearables announced the start of a clinical study to determine the accuracy of the K’Watch Glucose. The trial is conducted with the AMCR Institute Inc, a clinical research centre focused on diabetes and obesity with worldwide renown medical device expertise in the metabolic area. Based on a SkinTaste technology, the K’Watch Glucose will be the wearable smartwatch medical device that measures and displays glucose level continuously, effortlessly, and painlessly. This major milestone is partly financed thanks to grant and equity investment…

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Trials begin of distress-triggered smartwatch safety app developed by University of Bath team

Epowar app watch

Trials begin this week in Bath, UK of a new smartwatch app that monitors a wearer’s heart rate and body motion to sense distress, in order to automatically send an emergency alert when needed. The Epowar app, aimed primarily at women’s safety, eliminates the major issue with rape alarms and other conventional safety products that need to be physically activated. Activation is often not an option in the event of an attack. The innovative smartwatch app solves this problem, using artificial intelligence (AI) to instantly recognise distress in a user’s…

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Seoul to use metaverse platform to deliver public services

Seoul smart city metaverse

Seoul’s municipal government has announced it is developing a virtual communication channel for all its administrative services. Provisionally called Metaverse Seoul, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) intends to create the metaverse platform in three stages from 2022 onwards and apply it across all city tasks from economic policies to civil complaints. Seven services The planned stages are ‘introduction’ (2022), ‘expansion’ (2023 to 2024) and ‘settlement’ (2025 to 2026). Seoul plans to establish the platform and introduce seven services and the economy, education, and tourism sectors are in the first stage…

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Infineon simplifies secure IoT device-to-cloud authentication with CIRRENT Cloud ID service


Infineon Technologies AG launched CIRRENT Cloud ID, a service that automates cloud certificate provisioning and IoT device-to-cloud authentication. The easy-to-use service extends the chain of trust and makes tasks easier and more secure from chip-to-cloud, while lowering companies’ total cost of ownership. Cloud ID is ideal for cloud-connected product companies in the industrial, consumer, healthcare, medical and manufacturing industries. “IoT product companies have struggled for years to simplify manufacturing, security, and provisioning,” says, Rob Conant, vice president of software and ecosystem at Infineon. “Cloud ID builds on Infineon’s strong capability…

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City of Seabrook to save $50,000 annually with smart metering system

City of Seabrook

The City of Seabrook, Texas, has embarked on a water metering improvement project to replace the city’s ageing infrastructure. Renewable energy company Ameresco was selected to install more than 4,100 solid-state meters across the city and an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system. Consumption data According to Ameresco, when mechanical meters age, their accuracy degrades as well, which results in the under-reporting of consumption data. Currently, Seabrook reports it replaces existing water meters and accessories on an as-needed basis. By replacing the water meters proactively, it will restore accuracy to the…

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