Sidewalk Labs shuts down Toronto smart city project


Google affiliate Sidewalk Labs has shelved its controversial Toronto smart city plans, citing the impact of coronavirus and “unprecedented economic uncertainty”. The abrupt announcement marks the end of a project that had been delayed several times and received strong criticism in some quarters from citizens and privacy campaigners to its own advisors. The project, dubbed Quayside, had aimed to transform Toronto’s Waterfront area into a smart city delivering the likes of autonomous cars, intelligent rubbish collection, smart air quality measurement and heated streets. Waterfront Toronto, which was created by the…

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Downtown Miami used for eco-friendly cargo bike pilot

DHL Express a Reef Technology

DHL Express and Reef Technology are partnering to trial the use of low-power, electric-assist e-cargo cycles for deliveries across the city to help reduce congestion. The City of Miami has teamed up with DHL Express and Reef Technology to launch a pilot programme using low-power electric-assist e-cargo cycles for freight deliveries across Miami. The three-wheeled cycles, equipped with an accompanying cargo container, can transport up to 400 pounds or 60 cubic feet in volume. Environmentally friendly The two companies are bringing four environmentally friendly e-cargo cycles to the city as…

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Pittsburgh airport deploys autonomous UV cleaning robots

Pittsburgh International Airport - Beth Hollerich

The robots use ultra-violet light and form part of the airport’s new disinfecting strategy to increase cleanliness and help to restore confidence in travelling. Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) claims to have become the first US airport to use autonomous robots with ultraviolet light technology for cleaning. The disinfecting robots mark the first project in the airport’s drive to use innovation from the region’s tech community to tackle the challenges brought by Covid-19. The roll-out of the robots follows a partnership the airport has formed with Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Robotics. Pittsburgh describes…

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Interest in smart street lighting triples in US cities

smart lightning

The largest 314 cities in the US (those with over 100,000 residents) are converting to LED streetlights and interest in connected or smart street lights has nearly tripled, according to a report. The Northeast Group also reports that the US is projected to invest $8.2bn in street light modernisation over the next decade. Smart city building block Smart street lighting is generally regarded as one of the fundamental building blocks of smart cities. And such initiatives are becoming more important than ever to help build resilience and achieve cost-savings for…

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EHang to build world’s first e-port in China

Ehang e-port terminal building

The autonomous aerial technology platform company will build the e-port in the city of Hezhou in China’s Guangxi Province to accelerate the commercialisation of AAVs in the tourism industry. Autonomous aerial technology platform company, EHang, is to build what claims to be the world’s first e-port for autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) services in the city of Hezhou in China’s Guangxi Province. EHang will cooperate with a local partner to build the e-port, which will accelerate the commercialisation of EHang AAVs in the tourism industry. Tourism innovation The city of Hezhou…

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Netherlands doubles renewable energy subsidies

green energy smart city

The Dutch Government plans to double green energy subsidies to €4 billion in 2020, from a previously planned €2 billion to meet its promise to cut CO2 emissions. Eric Wiebes, minister for economic affairs and climate policy, and member of the cabinet of the Netherlands, wrote to parliament explaining the measure was aimed at reducing CO2 emissions by 25 per cent by the end of 2020. Energy transition “There are a large number of projects that can offer a cost-effective contribution to further development, making the energy transition more sustainable,”…

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New York state to select five smart city testbeds

New York

Five cities in New York State will be chosen as smart city testbeds with funding support of up to $2 million. The smart cities programme has been launched by New York State’s economic development organisation, Empire State Development, in collaboration with the Israel Innovation Authority. Designated smart cities Five cities will be designated smart cities and work with technology companies and academic experts throughout the state. They will use emerging technologies to improve government services and citizens’ quality of life. Local governments can apply to be a designated testbed site…

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Liveable Cities selects Sierra Wireless LPWA solution for smart city applications

Liveable Cities

IoT solutions provider , Sierra Wireless, reports that Liveable Cities, a division of Canada-based LED Roadway Lighting, has selected its low power, wide area (LPWA) network solution to enable smart city applications. Liveable Cities is using Sierra Wireless Ready-to-Connect HL78 modules for its SilQ Luminaire streetlight and the tool-less Sensor Platform (TSC) ANSI Controller, which can add radar, pollution and noise sensors to transform any streetlight into a network that provides data to cities to help them reduce pollution and keep citizens safe. The Sierra Wireless LPWA solution connects sensors…

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Dubai launches 100% Paperless Stamp

Dubai smart city

Government entities in Dubai that have fully implemented the Dubai Paperless Strategy will be awarded with a 100% Paperless Stamp. The Smart Dubai Department has launched the initiative as part of its contribution to the Government Development Track, one of six tracks announced by the Dubai Council. Three categories of consumption The 100% Paperless Stamp initiative classifies government entities by order of their paper consumption into three categories: large, medium and small. Results will be announced every six months. The Stamp is awarded to entities that have transferred 100 per…

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Seville to run urban air mobility pilot

Seville Spain

EHang will work with the Seville government to develop the programme which will include passenger transportation, air logistics and command-and-control platforms in the city. Autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) technology company EHang Holdings has entered into a cooperation agreement with the city government of Seville, Spain, to run an urban air mobility (UAM) pilot programme. EHang will work with the Seville government to develop the programme which will include passenger transportation, air logistics and command-and-control platforms in the city. Coordinated test flights The city will also collaborate on applications for permission…

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Seat Pleasant rolls out telehealth system in COVID-19 effort

smart city IOTNN

Seat Pleasant calls itself “the world’s first authentic small smart city” and has a high proportion of low-income and vulnerable people, making it an ideal launch location for the technology, which could be expanded nationally. The small community of Seat Pleasant in Maryland is the launch city for a telehealth system, which integrates with its smart city data hub, to support the management of coronavirus (COVID-19) among the most vulnerable citizens. Seat Pleasant, located 10 miles from Washington and with a population of just 4,800 people, is working with health…

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Dubai strikes deal for ‘sky pod’ transit system

sky pod transit system

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed an agreement with the UK’s BeemCar Ltd for the development of futuristic ‘sky pods’ built on suspended transport technology for Dubai. The agreement is part of RTA’s efforts to meet the Dubai Self-Driving Transport Strategy, which is targeting 25 per cent of mobility journeys in Dubai to be via autonomous transit by 2030. BeemCar describes its solution as “a cross between a monorail and ski lift”. Each four-seater pod is suspended from a drive unit that sits inside a hollow, lightweight beam.…

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Vancouver introduces performance dashboard

Vancouver monitoring

Citizens in Vancouver can now see how the city is performing via a new online dashboard. VanDashboard measures performance against 65 key metrics in six categories of core service delivery, affordability and housing, climate change, economy and finances, equity and social issues and vibrant culture. In a separate announcement, the City of Vancouver is calling on residents and businesses to provide input on 19 proposed actions in its Climate Emergency Action plan. Monitoring key issues The metrics used represent a wide variety of city services provided, as well as monitor…

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C-V2X testing ecosystem established in Metro Atlanta

self driving tests

Testing will take place across a 78.5-square-mile area anchored by the Infrastructure Automotive Technology Laboratory in Alpharetta, north of Atlanta. Intelligent transportation infrastructure solutions provider Applied Information has begun deployment and testing of cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) connected vehicle technology in Metro Atlanta. The C-V2X testing ‘ecosystem’ will be established throughout an approximately 78.5-square-mile area anchored by the Infrastructure Automotive Technology Laboratory (iATL) in Alpharetta, Georgia, north of Atlanta. Experimental licence The deployment and testing began after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an experimental licence for infrastructure and mobile C-V2X…

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Abu Dhabi rolls out 3D visualisation tool to improve city services

The IoT Cockpit is a collaboration between the UAE capital and Orange Business Services and aims to monitor and enhance services across the Emirate. Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) and Orange Business Services are collaborating on a smart city application that will use 3D visualisation to monitor and enhance services across the capital of the UAE. Orange Business Services’ co-innovation approach supports ADM’s vision for Abu Dhabi and its five-year smart cities plan to achieve sustainability and enhance the quality of life for citizens and residents. Inside the Cockpit The bespoke…

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