Hydrogen-powered refuse trucks fleet deployed in Europe

Hydrogen-powered refuse trucks

It is estimated that each hydrogen refuse truck makes a saving of 30,000kg of CO2 each year, reportedly the equivalent of 18 return flights between London and New York. Hydrogen storage systems company Luxfer Gas Cylinders is helping to power a 10-strong fleet of zero-emission refuse trucks being deployed in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, where all waste collection vehicles must be zero-emission by 2030. It is estimated that each hydrogen refuse truck makes a saving of 30,000kg of CO2 each year, reportedly the equivalent of 18 return flights between…

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Electric vehicle charging superhub launches in Oxford

The Energy Superhub Oxford

The Energy Superhub Oxford will be powered entirely by renewable energy and will initially offer fast and ultra-rapid charging for 42 vehicles at once at the Redbridge Park and Ride. An electric vehicle (EV) charging hub that claims to offer a blueprint for cities around the world to scale up green power has launched in the UK city of Oxford. The Energy Superhub Oxford will initially offer fast and ultra-rapid charging for 42 vehicles at once at Oxford’s Redbridge Park and Ride. It will be powered entirely by renewable energy.…

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Hawaii plans to build electric seaglider transport network

The electric Viceroy seaglider

Regent, the company behind an all-electric, hybrid air and water seaglider still in prototype, wants to build a sustainable method of coastal transit for the US state. The US state of Hawaii is creating an electric seaglider transportation network to help drive innovation in the passenger and freight sectors and build a resilient and sustainable transportation ecosystem. Regent is the company behind an all-electric, hybrid air and water seaglider still in prototype, and has chosen Pacific Current, a subsidiary of Hawaiian Electric Industries (HEI), as its preferred energy and infrastructure…

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“Flying” electric taxi boat debuts in Venice

electric taxi boat

The zero-carbon footprint P-8 Voyager from Candela carries six passengers and two crew and has been developed to replace the world’s fleets of smaller and fast combustion engine passenger craft. A flying electric boat from Stockholm-based electric leisure boat manufacturer Candela has been unveiled in Venice. The zero-carbon footprint P-8 Voyager carries six passengers and two crew. Built in Sweden it features Candela’s computer-guided foils, or underwater wings, that reportedly reduce energy consumption by 80 per cent compared to traditional motorboats. Environmentally friendly Erik Eklund, Candela’s chief executive of commercial…

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Pop-up mini solar electric vehicle charging hub unveiled

mini solar electric vehicle charging hub

Papilio3 is a car park built around a recycled shipping container that integrates solar photovoltaic electricity generation, battery energy storage systems and electric vehicle charge points. What claims to be the world’s first pop-up mini solar car park and electric vehicle charging hub, deployable in just 24 hours, has been unveiled at the Surrey Research Park, Guildford. Developed by 3ti, which designs, installs, funds and operates Solar Car Parks (SCPs), Papilio3 aims to meet the need for an expansion of the UK’s electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure ahead of the government’s…

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Dubai utility develops continuous drone charging system

DEWA drone charging

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s research and development centre has registered a new patent for an unmanned aerial vehicle charging system using electromagnetic induction. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA)’s research and development centre has registered a new patent for an unmanned aerial vehicle’s (UAV) charging system that enables continuous charging for UAVs. It is designed to provide longer flying hours with a large storage capacity. This is in addition to improving the efficiency of charging and facilitating the charging process. Induction charging The system uses a group of UAVs…

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Urban air mobility JV to facilitate smart cities in Thailand

urban air mobility ecosystem Thailand

Agreement between EHang and Thai conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Group sets the foundations for a range of potential use cases including city air taxis and last-mile delivery. Autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) company EHang has formed a strategic partnership with Thailand conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Group (CP Group) to establish a joint venture in Thailand for sales and urban air mobility (UAM) operations. The partnership opens up cross-sector cooperation opportunities for both sides with potential use cases for EHang AAVs in areas such as smart city management, city air taxis, aerial sightseeing and…

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World-first hub for flying taxis opens in Coventry

Urban-Air Port

The world’s first demonstration of a fully-operational hub for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles – such as air taxis and autonomous cargo drones – has been opened in the UK city of Coventry. Air-One will operate in Coventry for at least one month and aims to provide a blueprint for more than 200 sites planned worldwide over the next five years. It has been opened by Urban-Air Port, a UK-based developer of ground infrastructure for air taxis and autonomous delivery drones, which is backed by the UK Government…

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Mass-produced robo roadsweepers to be tested in Guangzhou

self-driving Robosweeper WeRide

A fleet of more than 50 mass-produced autonomous roadsweeper vehicles will be deployed for testing in Nansha District in the Chinese city of Guangzhou in May this year. Robosweeper has been designed and produced for city-level environmental services under a strategic collaboration between level 4 (L4) autonomous driving specialist WeRide and vehicle manufacturer Yutong Group. Purpose-built design The purpose-built vehicle features a cockpit-free design without a steering wheel, accelerator or brake pedals. It is WeRide’s second product for mass production and purpose-built self-driving vehicles, after the launch of the Mini…

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Last-mile delivery vehicle purpose-built for MENA region

Barq’s Rena Max

A two-wheeled electric vehicle designed for the last-mile delivery market has been unveiled for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Barq’s Rena Max has been built and developed in collaboration with restaurant giant Americana and delivery platform Jahez. Regional challenges The Rena Max was purpose-built by design and engineering firm Callum to tackle the challenges of the MENA region with multiple engineering innovations from battery cooling, to IoT and fully integrated software to custom made storage and delivery areas designed to improve the quality of deliveries through temperature…

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Volocopter conducts crewed eVTOL flight over France

Volocopter VTOL

Volocopter has conducted its first crewed electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) flight in France. The flights were part of a week-long urban air mobility (UAM) test campaign that will give Volocopter and partners – Groupe ADP and RATP Group –insights for subsequently launching the UAM industry in time for the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. Measuring noise emissions Volocopter’s full-scale testing prototype, the 2X, was used to perform flight tests at Pontoise airfield in Paris to measure the aircraft’s noise emissions. The data collected will be used by…

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First Autonomous Ski Lift Vehicle Will Bring the Sport to Any Mountain

dolaGon autonomous

While numerous companies are developing self-driving vehicles for urban transportation, one startup is aiming to produce what it says will be the world’s first autonomous ski lift. The brainchild of New York orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Seth Neubardt and mechanical engineer Logan Bannon, the dolaGon Autonomous Ski Lift Vehicle provides ski lift service to backcountry slopes, ending skier dependence on the “archaic ski-lift infrastructure” of traditional resorts. The principle of the vehicle is simple. The driverless dolaGon takes skiers up a previously traveled path to the top of a slope,…

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Companies partner for aerial ride-sharing across South Korea

Joby SKT air taxi

South Korean telecommunications company SKT and Joby have teamed to introduce an air taxi service to cities and communities across the republic. Joby, a California-based company developing an all-electric, five-seat aircraft that can take off and land vertically (eVTOL), has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with SKT to this end. Urban air mobility roadmap The agreement will see the companies work closely on introducing this form of transportation in support of the South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport’s K-UAM (Korean Urban Air Mobility) roadmap, first announced in 2020.…

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Saudi Arabian university pilots autonomous delivery service

Teksbotics delivery

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Kaust) in Saudi Arabia is piloting a self-driving last-mile delivery service. The trial is being conducted by robotics and autonomous technologies specialists Teksbotics (Asia) and UISEE. E-commerce link-up The driverless delivery vehicle project aims to connect with local online e-commerce in Saudi Arabia and provide affordable and convenient autonomous delivery services. Residents in the local community can interact with the delivery vehicle through mobile phone text messages and the touch screen installed on the body of the vehicle to complete the express…

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Tallinn introduces digital transport model to better understand mobility needs

Tallinn digital transport map

Tallinn is introducing a digital transport model to enable it to forecast and analyse citizens’ mobility needs and inform decision-making when it comes to the city’s transport systems and urban space. Developed by the Tallinn Transport Authority, the tool brings together all available data to help the city better understand how and when people move around the Estonian capital. Updated data The transport model includes constantly updated data on 130,000 different road sections in the capital and takes into account the movement of cars, public transport, lorries and pedestrians. The…

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